Instinct Animal...les safaris d'Antan


Imagine there, in the middle of nothing, in the middle of savanna, in King Lion and his guests. Alarm clock at 6:00 to prepare with the morning safari, light breakfast and road with your guide To arrange. Your guide will have the hands on the wheel and the glance on the track in search of prints, of the traces the cat-like ones. He will tell you almost the night program of the animal only to his steps! The grandiose landscape of savanna will make drunk you of emotions, It is necessary to seek the animal, to look at everywhere, but in fact satisfy you to appreciate the landscapes which ravel, because of being to arrange it which will locate the animal. Initially a lion, one approaches, one prepares the camera, one trembles of emotion, and then here, you are vis-a-vis him. And if you look at well it is not alone! Not, you do not dream, they are well 4 lionesses and 10 small lion cubs which are around you. Calm, no risk. To arrange cut the contact, one listens to silence and one lives the present moment. I would tell you well the continuation, but even 1,000 pages would not be enough there! Nothing is worth your own experience.

Side sleep for the nomads: after the reception by your hosts, one installs you in your tent. Not, not do not seek, there is no telephone and your mobile does not function in full savanna. Except that, it there with all possible and conceivable comfort. A bed very comfortable fondant and, a bathroom with shower and warm water, a space of relaxation and a terrace with hammock. A council however: think of booking it before the monkeys settle there!


Side sleep for Robinsons: rocked by silence savanna and the whirr the hippopotamuses, you will spend a soft night. Your lodge very comfortable, that it is perched at the top of a tree or under a tent, contributes so that the safari continues until the end of the night. After a good night of sleep, go around the breakfast before going to the meeting of the animals. It is the moment when the guests tell the noises and the strange sounds of the night.

For the activities: side is in hiding, it is on board a vehicle 4x4 that you will go to the meeting of the animals, for one moment of shivers, it is on foot that you will do one strolls in the bush, for the pleasure one will propose a safari on the back of elephant to you, for the cowboys one will suggest an equestrian safari and for a fresh air, it is in the montgolfier that you will fly over savanna. Side river, it is in mokoro that you will discover the watery flora and in boat which you will observe crocodiles, hippopotamuses and much of other animals which will come to be refreshed at the edge of the river.


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