Between arid grounds and marshy zones, Botswana has very diverse landscapes whose wild beauty will not leave you insensitive. Add to that a rich history and developed crafts and you will understand quickly why it is essential to visit this country. The capital, Gaborone, is the opportunity for your first contact with the animals in the surrounding nature reserves and to discover the ethnic crafts. Botswana is a democratic country with many luxurious lodges in the nature and truly seems to invite the travellers in search of calm and of big spaces. The amateurs of safari will find in the reserves such as the Chobe reserves, the flagships of the African wildlife. This fauna is discovered by 4x4 but it is also possible to trek in the neighbouring bush revealing some ancestral paintings. Botswana, offers amazing possibilities to discover numerous species of animals and a luxuritant flora in its Kalahari Desert and in the the delta of Okavango. Trust the knowledge of OR'NORMES to lead you through the magic of these landscapes.


Botswana is located in Southern Africa. It is surrounded by Namibia in the west, Zambia in the north, Zimbabwe in the North-East and South Africa in the south and south-east. Tswana (or Setswana) forms the majority of the population (79%). Kalanga (11%) and Basarwa (3%) are the two other principal ethnic groups. The rest of the population is composed of various ethnic groups of which Kgalagadi and the White. The principal religion is Christianity with more than 71% believers even if the majority are not practitioners. Despite the strong presence of Christianity, the traditional beliefs are still very present and this has repercussions on the lifestyle of certain inhabitants.

Botswana holds its name of the principal ethnic group of the country, “Tswanas”. This country is a safe and comfortable destination. Its people are proud of their roots, smiling and always accessible. The 2,021,000 inhabitants live in a stunning environment where one can enjoy many different activities (safaris, excursions…)

Culture & Traditions


In terms of crafts, one of the specialities is the use of the mokolan palm tree to make traditional braided baskets. These are customised by using natural dyeing and can become real work of art. The mopane is used to make jewellery and to carve out sculptures of animals. In Botswana, pottery is an art which is transmitted from mother to daughter except in the Mbukushus tribe, where the pottery is men’s business.


The worms of mopane, which are caterpillars emptied and cooked in hot ash are one of the traditional dishes you might get offered. It can also be eaten raw. More accessible, the mealie meal or PAP is made of mashed potatoes of cornstarch, and the mabele - a type of polenta. You will more easily appreciate the many tropical fruits such as the marula and the melons tsama or the walnut mongongo which resembles a cashew.


For the inhabitants of Botswana, each dance tells a story and the the rhythm follows the songs of women. If you are lucky enough to attend Boma (meeting of the members of the villages), you will see that the dance becomes a trance more than a game.


The San people had as a tradition to mark the passage of one man to adulthood by a ritual. At 14 years old, the young motswana has to go deep in the bush and only return once he has killed an antelope. The more imposing the antelope was, the more respect would the young get. Today this ritual is a time to share and enjoy each other’s company around a meal between men.


Despite its main desert-like aspect, Botswana also has a rather important rainy season. The country enjoys a changing climate with hot and sunny winters during the day and fresh nights. The rest of the season, time is rather wet and hot. The best period is spread out from June until beginning of July as well as the second fortnight of September. 


21° - 25° WINTER / 30° - 35° SUMMER
ENGLISH / Setswana

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A travel in Botswana will make you feel alive, thanks to the splendour of the sites you will discover and the vastness of the territory still very much owned by nature. Between arid grounds and marshy zones, Botswana has very varied landscapes whose wild beauty will not leave you insensitive. Add to that a rich history and developed crafts and you will understand quickly why it is essential to go in this country. Botswana is an ideal destination for a luxury Safari.