Kenya is astonishing. Here, we can discover extraordinary landscapes with immense savannahs, luxuriant forests, a paradisiacal seaside and volcanoes. The various ethnic groups, who proudly kept their traditions alive, are the guardians of this cradle of humanity, home to multiple species of animal some which are slowly disappearing. The country gives the opportunity to go on many safaris with the reserve of Massed Mara and its famous migration of the wildebeests, the parks of Tsavo–home to the Big Five, the park of Amboseli with its elephants overlooking the Kilimandjaro and the plateau of Laikipia for equestrian excursions in the middle of the zebras. The adventurers will go in the north of Kenya, to discover very wild and volcanic territories where animals live in greatest freedom. The divers will not be disappointed thanks to very beautiful sites with colourful under-water fauna and flora.


Kenya is a country of East Africa renowned for its wildlife. The amateurs of safari will enjoy of a the stunning diversity of the country travelling through the national parks of the country. Each year, the wildebeests undertake their migration through the national park of Masaï Mara. The visitor looking for cultural intake will be able to meet the different ethnic group and observe their local customs. Here live the following ribes: the Gikikuyu, the Kalenjin, the Meru, the Samburu, the Pokot, the Luhya, the Luo, the Gusii, the Akamba, the Massaï, the Taita, the Turkana, the Borana, the El Molo, the Swahili, the Rendille and the Gabbra.

This country of 582,650 square kilometres is bordered by the Indian Ocean and has 44 million inhabitants. These grounds are full of stories. The valley of the Rift is anchored not only in the history of Kenya and Africa, but also in that of Humanity because it is the place where the ancestors of the modern man did their first steps, as some of the bones found on the spot testify of.

Culture & Traditions


The ancestral beliefs, the habits as well as the initiations rituals are still very present at Kenya. Indeed, in many ethnic groups, the life of a man is still punctuated by the rituals.


Kenya will charm the nature lovers with its safaris (on foot, by night, by air, by boat or by bicycle…), and with its scuba diving and fishing trips. The sports enthousiast will be able to devote themselves to climbing, white water rafting, sailing, surfing and trekking.


Kenya is famous for its extraordinary and wild big spaces with its immense savannahs, its luxuriant forests as well as a paradisiacal seaside and volcanoes. A large amount of diversity in only one country - so many wonders to be discovered.


Kenya is famous for its wildlife. You will be able to observe the famous “Big Five”, as well as the zebras, the wildebeests, the cheetahs, the giraffes, the hippopotamuses, the crocodiles, the monkeys, the gazelles and much more….


The climate of Kenya is equatorial. There are two rainy seasons, from April to June and from November to December. The dry seasons extends from December to March and from July to October.

35-40° SUMMER / 25° WINTER
Shilling Kenyan
ENGLISH / Swahili
Le Nyama Choma

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The stages

Kenya is the safaris destination by excellence; it is the territory of large predators and of the massaï people at the same time. Its capital, Nairobi, is generally the starting point of a trip in the heart of the animal reserves. The country also offers to the travellers the opportunity to cool off by the beaches of Mombasa - in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.