Malawi is one of the smallest countries of Africa with a surface of 72,000 km2. This destination offers relaxation by the Lake Malawi or safaris in an amazing landscape. The national parks are known to be home to many elephants, antelopes, zebras, warthogs, mooses, leopards and jackals. You will also find there numerous species of birds, and more than 500 species of fish in the Lake Malawi. This country is not very visited by tourists and offers the opportunity to enjoy a wild and unspoilt environment as well as rich traditional culture. Malawi is also known for its people being the warmest and most welcoming in Africa.


Malawi is a country of Southern Africa located between the Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania. Not very touristic, this country abounds in wonders to discover. Between safaris, excursions and relaxation, this country will charm all the travellers. Approximately 3,000 years ago, the first first human beings arrived in Malawi. At that time, tribes of hunters-gatherers were the main tribes of the country. In the course of time the Bantu people slowly took possession of the country to create Maravi kingdom in the 15th century.

Particularly famous for its lake, Malawi is both a seaside and a cultural destination. However sports lovers will enjoy a wide range of activities such as trekking, kayaking, climbing, or mountain biking.

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Malawi is renowned for its many national parks where you will be able to admire many wild animals including the famous “Big Five”. The different landscapes allow for any type of safaris: by foot, by 4X4, by boat or by horse.


The Lake Malawi is the third biggest lake of Africa and is shared by three countries: Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. This lake is known throughout the world for its watery diversity. Several hundreds of endemic species live there. The activities are numerous at the Lake Malawi; kayaking, going jet ski, boating, snorkelling, sailing or simply relaxing on the white sand beaches.


Introduced in the 1880 during English colonization, the tea became the second crop for export in Malawi. Don’t hesitate to taste the local tea as and meet the tea pickers. The plantations are mainly grouped around the Mulanje Mount, in the south of the country.


Malawi is a privileged destination for the trekking amateurs. Its wild and green landscapes offer hikers the opportunity to walk around an unspoilt environment. Start the climb of the Mulanje Mount or the Zomba plateau and you won’t be disappointed.


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If you travel to Malawi you can combine relaxation on the shores of Lake Malawi – and its calm water - and go on safaris in parks offering varied landscapes and multiple species of animals. Malawi is not very touristic yet so you will be able to enjoy these activities in unspoilt and untouched environments. Malawi is a land of contrasts and also a small country with very welcoming and warm people with a rich and traditional culture.