Uganda is a small country in Africa which many find hard to locate on the map, but which nonetheless deserves to hold all our attention. Indeed its intriguing nickname “pearl of Africa” entices us to discover the country. Beyond the sumptuous landscapes, the visitors will be impatient to discover the extraordinary fauna: hippopotamuses, rhinoceroses, chimpanzees, buffaloes, lions climbing on trees… But especially the country’s most famous attraction: the mountain gorilla, cherished in open sky sanctuaries.


Uganda is located across the equator and shares its borders with Kenya in the east, Tanzania and Rwanda in the south, the Democratic republic of Congo in the west, and Sudan in the north. This country is in the middle of the big lakes area, including Lake Victoria in the south. This destination is ideal for the nature lovers. Uganda has the second largest populations of mountain gorillas in the world and is therefore the perfect place to go on a gorilla safari. This travel requires a lot of moving around to go from one part of the circuit to the other and will suit people who enjoy walking and the feeling of adventure!

Uganda is a genuine cultural melting-pot, a mosaic of music, arts and crafts. The traditions vary according to the ethnic groups.  The country counts various tribal cultures originating from the various kingdoms which formerly composed the country. The most typical tradition is the manufacturing of bark fabrics: it is an ancient art practised for more than 600 years and originally intended for the royal family. The bark is collected during the rainy season then beaten. The fabric is finally worn by the men and women in the form of toga, in ochre or white colour (for the chiefs).




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The main appeal of Uganda is without hesitation the incredible presence of the mountain gorillas. You can’t come to Uganda without experiencing it and trying to get as close as possible to the gorillas. The south-west of the country - thanks to its large national parks - shelters and protects the mountains gorilla.


Whilst discovering “the pearl of Africa” you will meet with the mythical mountain gorillas, go on safaris in the national parks and enjoy trekking in the mountainous landscape. For the adrenaline seekers, it is possible to go on quads or do some white-water rafting.


Uganda has a tropical climate and the best period to go there is from December to February. The rainy seasons vary according to the area. Indeed, the south has two rainy seasons, the first from April to May and the second from October to November. In the north, the rainy season extends from April to October.

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A travel in Uganda is an opportunity to discover the beautiful national parks which abound in inexhaustible wealth, to stroll around the colonial cities and feel and experience the local culture.