Tanzania is the kingdom of wild animals and a big country for safaris. In 4X4, by horse, by boat or by foot, you will observe the lions in the crater of Ngorongoro, the incredible migration of the wildebeests in Serengeti, the hippopotamuses in the park of Katavi, the herds of elephants in the park of Tarangire or the pink flamingis colonies in the lake Manyara. Whether you love photography, ornithology or botany, the reserves of Tanzania each have their treasure. Wherever you are, you will be moved by the beauty and the vastness of the landscapes. One thing is for sure: the wild animals are everywhere, you will not be able to miss them.


Located in East Africa, at the edge of the Indian Ocean, Tanzania it is also the place where you will be able to meet the people the Massaï and the Makondé and discover their astonishing traditions. The makondés, one of the most important ethnic groups, originating initially from the north of Mozambique, are very famous in East Africa and internationally for their woodcarving. They remain attached to their spiritual traditions whose complexity is translated in their sculptures.

You can also sunbathe on a deckchair and admire the unique greens of the Indian Ocean. Indeed, the Tanzania’s other treasure resides in its kilometres of immaculate beaches and its paradisiacal islands. Zanzibar, the very evocative and exotic island reveals architectural treasures in its capital Stone Town as well as kilometres of beaches where one can enjoy the a water whose temperature never goes down below 28°. Tanzania also counts among the greatest diving destinations partly thanks to the whales shark crossing off the Mafia island.

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Mythical and imposing, Tanzania is a concentrate of the Africa’s treasures. Renowned for the diversity of its animals, you will be able to admire pink zebras, lions, elephants, antelopes, flamingos, hippopotamuses and the greatest migration of wildebeests in the world. A breathtaking view.


The diversity of the landscapes of Tanzania gives the opportunity of taking part in many activities: admiring the animals on safaris in the many national parks, trekking in the high plateau, meet the Massaïs, swim with the dolphins or discover the African underwater world during a first dive.


Zanzibar is a mythical island evocative of exoticism and paradisiacal beaches and offers many more wonders that those you expect to find. The town of Stone Town - treasure of Arab architecture – deserves a couple of days before heading towards the immaculate and often deserted beaches whose white and fine sand ressembles flour and whose water has a unique green colour - typical of East Africa. Paradises for the divers, Zanzibar and the island of Pemba have marvellous diving sites including some shipwrecks. Splendid hotels await the travellers to give them an exceptional experience. 


It is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena of the planet: the annual migration of the wildebeests. Whilst they are spread out in the south of the park in the beginning of the year, during the rainy season they gather in April to migrate towards the North-West and to arrive in the Massaï Mara in August. The crossing of the river Grumeti, great moment of this migration happens in one week between May and July. The migration from Kenya to Tanzania takes place in November. To understand the scale of this movement, just think about the fact that 8000 wildebeests are born every February.


The best period is from September to February and from June to August. The strongest rains happen from March to May, making the roads muddy and the landscapes luxuriant.


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Tanzania is the ideal country for safaris and to escape your daily life. The escape is guaranted. You will see lions, elephants, wildebeests…. The wealth of Tanzania is impressive and you will be able to finish your stay on paradisiacal beaches for optimum relaxation.