Indigenous ground immersion
In the middle of the green lung


The Amazon forest is the largest forest of the world; its 6 million square kilometers extends on 9 different countries: Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Suriname, the French Guiana and Guyana. This extent of greenery offers to its visitors the adventure with large “with”. You will embark on a boat along the Amazon river to reach your accommodation in the middle of the jungle. Already, you will realize of the vastness of the places and the power of the river. Nature reigns as a Master on these grounds of legend. More than 8 million plant species and animal made their habitat of it. But Amazonia still largely unexplored still conceals many surprises. One discovers there more than 8 new species each year. You will join then bank and will undertake a walk through the jungle to reach your housing. The size of the trees centenaries will make you understand that you are only one guest here. In the space of a few moments, you will have already met about ten monkeys and a multiplicity of insects… a setting in mouth of your adventure. After a first night spent in a hammock just protected by a roof and a mosquito net, you will awake thanks to the noises of the animals. But once the opened eyes, you will forget all your doubts and your fears on the fact of being come to Amazonia. Opposite you draws up an intact and majestic nature.  You will leave to the meeting an indigenous tribe. You will be accommodated by the children of the “village”. The latter will introduce the Shaman and the other inhabitants to you. You will discover their lifestyle, their techniques agricultural and how these individuals manage to live in these hostile grounds where nature dominates. After one day spent to their sides, a total handing-over in question of the town life will be binding on you. The following days will be as rich as the first. Your nights will be as filled as your days. You will leave in night safari in search of king the places: the jaguar; true emblem of Amazonia. Arrived at the rice plantation of the forest, on banks of the Amazon you will be able to admire a starry sky as you never saw some.  A sky saved by the pollution and the light of the man. The small lights on the river will not be the reflection of these stars but the eyes of the hundreds of caimans leaving to drive out.


After having seen a last flight of wild macaws blue it will be time to leave and join the civilisation. A thing is sure, your vision of the life will have changed after this experiment into indigenous ground. The words of the chief of the tribe on the love which it carries to its forest will remain engraved forever in your spirit…


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