To live in harmony with the best friend of the man 


The husky is almost a religion in this area of Canada, so much so that it is here that famous “Yukon Quest” came out. Yukon Quest is for a long time the race of most spectacular huskies in the world! On nearly 1600 kilometers through Canada and Alaska, of many “mushers” launch out in this adventure out of commun run! The borrowed route is the same one as that of the gold diggers at the end of the XIX ème century. OR' STANDARDS proposes to you to live this single experiment and to leave on a tour of Yukon while following the traces these famous “mushers”. Only in the vastness of the Canadian far North, this travel is ideal to combine efforts, passion and emotions… Usually, Yukon Quest is carried out in about ten days, where the man has only very little time to agree and even less to admire the nature which surrounds it. Extremely fortunately we worked out for you a travel which will enable you to benefit from the nature of Yukon. However, this route is booked to informed travellers who are not afraid to live single moments under extreme conditions. A travel to Yukon it is opportunity of discovering incredible landscapes, one of the last places on Earth where nature is intact and offers to you what there is of more beautiful….Calm. After having landed with the airport of WhiteHorse, you will be submerged by the Canadian cold but immediately heated by the reception of the inhabitants and the sight that you will have had since the port-hole of the plane. Your days will proceed in the following way: when you awake, the temperature will be of -20° and you will benefit from the splendid sunrise of Yukon by having your breakfast. The barkings of the dogs will make you understand that it is high time to deal with them. In order to familiarize you with them, it will be of your responsibility to prepare their food. It will be then time to leave on a tour of the vastness the Canadian far North.


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