Ground of adventures to the exceptional and multiple landscapes, Argentina books to you a discovery out of commun run with its marvellous natural show. Ultra-connected districts of Buenos Aires to the splendour of the glaciers of Patagonie, via the coloured mountains of the area of Salta, Terre de Feu and Ushuaia, or the tropical falls of Iguazu, Argentina is really a fantastic destination. The country of the tango, the Pampa and the gauchos did not finish surprising you!  You will also discover the sanctuary of marine animal-life of the Peninsula of Valdez, the summits of the Andes, the Lakes Patagonie, or the vines of Mendoza. A travel will not be enough to discover all the natural wonders of this large country. And Argentinian, the particularly cordial ones, will indulge to share with you them culture, around one subdued or of a delicious asado!


If the image that we have of Argentina often stops with the dancers of tango and the gauchos, the charm of the country is actually expressed many ways. The amateurs of big spaces and wild nature will adore the plains without end of the Pampa, the glaciers of Patagonie, the tops Andean culminating with nearly 7,000 m, luxuriant nature and the impressive falls of Iguazu… The set ones on culture will appreciate colonial architecture with Salta or Cordoba, the vestiges of the missions Jesuits or the old middle-class masonries of the district of San Telmo to Buenos Aires. Apart from the tourist routes, it is necessary to take the time to take part in the local life – most Argentinian, often very cordial, will with pleasure share a moment with the traveller. One should not then hesitate to share matt (infusion of grass drunk with the straw) or a expresso to speak political or football! The large idols of the country, such as Maradona or Che Guevara (originating in Rosario) are subjects on which many Argentinian are inexhaustible! Lastly, a travel in Argentina would not be complete without to have tasted a parrilla (selection of pieces of ox to the grill) in a connected restaurant or their famous asado (Argentinian barbecue) at the time of an excursion!

The first inhabitants of Argentina arrived in the Andes approximately 10,000 years before our era, after having crossed the Bering Strait then all the American continent. One at that time finds testimonies of life in some rupestral sites, in particular Cueva of mow Manos. Various wandering tribes or seminomads lived in the area until the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores at the beginning of the 16th century. The conquistadores hoped to find in Argentinian quantity of money – from there the name comes from the country and that of the river on which Buenos Aires is built: Rio of Plata (plata=argent). But the colonists never found as many precious metals in Argentina than in Peru or Bolivia, this is why in fact initially the cities of the North-East (Tucuman and Cordoba) developed, in support of Potosi and Lima. Buenos Aires developed only later, when some merchants realized commercial potential of the estuary of Plata.

Culture & Traditions

The Argentinian culture is marked by the waves of immigration of Europeans, in particular of the Spanishs and the Italians. The Argentinian ones thus have hot blood and the pride of Latin! They have the reputation to be expansive and arrogant and to look at tops their neighbors South American. If there is sometimes a little truth in these stereotypes, the Argentinian ones are especially cordial and accessible and will not hesitate to invite you to drink matt or to take part in a asado as of the first exchanged words.


The music and the dance are part of the Argentinian DNA. Especially practised in Buenos Aires, the tango is an extremely sophisticated dance of couple but also a musical style which expresses the nostalgia and the melancholy of the immigrants. 


Argentina is known in the whole world for its meat and the Argentinian ones are large consumers, in particular beef. All the pieces are appreciated (even those which appear less “noble”) and in the many meat restaurants of Buenos Aires and besides, one will serve to you a parrilla (a grill) with a selection of various pieces.


A travel in Argentina is being, for the oenophilist, an experiment of a rare wealth. This country-continent offers, indeed, a great diversity of climates and grounds giving rise to soils with the single character. Going along the Andes cordillera, you will get drunk higher with the most southern vines of planet, thus discovering the immense diversity of the Argentinian wines.


Cousin of the cowboy, the gaucho incarnates the pride, the courage and the love of the freedom of the Argentinian ones. Raised with the row of myth this outstanding rider forms integral part of the folklore and the Argentinas traditions. Share moments in their company is a single experiment.


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