On the east side of the Central America, bordered by the Caribbean Sea (160 km of coast), the Belize shares its borders with Guatemala in the West and Mexico in Nord.Ce small country of South America which was never really colonized by the Spanishs was coveted a long time by its adjoining countries, Guatemala and Mexico. As an old British colony, he belongs to the Commonwealth, which makes conspicuous it Spanish-speaking adjoining countries. 


Very little populated, the Belize knew to preserve an ecosystem of an exceptional wealth supported by a subtropical climate. Old reference mark of pirates, with its thick jungles, its pine forests, its immense coral reef symbolized by famous Blue Hole, one of the ten more beautiful sites of diving in the world and its paradisiac small islands make of the Belize an ideal destination for in love ones with nature. A little place of paradise in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

Many rare wild animals of which the tapir, the jaguar or the puma found refuge in many nature reserves of the country which saw to settle these last years of Eco-lodges of great comfort. You will not miss either Belize City, the historical capital which kept the charm of the old colonial ports as well as the great Mayan sites of Lamanaï and Altùn Hà in North and Caracol in the South. You will be also charmed by his crossed and polyglot population.

Culture & Traditions

The jaguar

To dawns, when the jungle is still covered with a light fog which confers a so special environment to him, you leave accompanied by a guide in search of famous jaguar as well as four other species wildcats the Belize, the puma, the ocelot, the jaguarundi and the margay. Drowned in a thick vegetation, you will find yourselves one-to-one with the jaguar quickly, but did not fear Mr. Figueroa knows his friendly quadrupeds perfectly and will be able to put to you in confidence. A single experiment which will place the emphasis on the ecology and the conservation of the jaguars.


To plunge to the Belize proves to be a stunning experiment, this country of Central America shares with Honduras the second plus Great Barrier Reef in the world. North to south, many atolls, for the majority uninhabited, abounds in a multiplicity of marine species. Giant tortoises, lines eagles, hammerheads and other groupers abound in the middle of the black coral, of the sponges barrels and the multicoloured gorgons. When time allows it, you will be able to plunge in Blue Hole, hole of 300m of diameter and 120m of depth.


Registered with the heritage of UNESCO, the center of Lighthouse Reef famous Blue Hole, an incomparable natural wonder become is symbol of the Belize. This hole of 300 meters circumference on 124 meters of depth, become famous thanks to the commander Cousteau, is classified among the 10 best sites of diving of the world.


After having plunged in Blue Hole and having discovered the magic of the marine animal-life bélizienne, after having been with the meeting of the emblematic jaguar you will discover that the Belize also has an enormous cultural wealth. And not of any culture. Indeed, the country has several Mayan ruins of which the ruins Lamanaï, Altùn Hà and Cuello in North and Caracol in the South.


The Belize has a subtropical climate hot and wet, the best period to go there is from January to April. The rainy season is from June to August and that of the cyclones is from September to November.