A travel in Bolivia, it is a travel in the middle of the Andean culture. Multicoloured lagoons and volcanos, to the geysers of suffers, via the gigantic salt desert of Uyuni, Altiplano conceals many single geological treasures in the world. More in North, the city of Paz is established not far from the famous lake Titicaca which separates it from Peru, with a few 3,660 meter altitudes. Between grandiose landscapes and unspoilable views on the Andes cordillera, the travel in Bolivia is also the occasion to determine the Andean major heart while strolling in the market of Tarabuco or to resurrect the colonial past of the country by traversing the Sugar streets.


Bolivia is a ground of contrasts: you will pass in a few hours of the snow-covered summits of the Andes to the Amazon forests, of spangled with the anacondas, of the colonial churches to the vestiges incas… The poorest country of Latin America, Bolivia astonishes by the wealth by its culture, its landscapes, its fauna and its flora. But Bolivia is not a country which shows the possibility for its treasures easily: the extreme climates, altitude (of the tops to more than 6,000 meters!) and the roads difficult return sometimes the travel testing. However, that should not in no case to discourage you because what you will discover in Bolivia, you will not be able to see it elsewhere nowhere!


Beyond the natural sites and cultural exceptional, take the time to immerse you in the so particular Bolivian atmosphere: stroll in the markets to unearth a wool sweater of LAMA or a multicoloured fabric, drink matt of Coke (infusion of sheets of Coke, the traditional drink) to heat you and exchange some words with a cholita, the Bolivian women with the so typical silhouette with their small bowler hat posed at the top of their head! If Bolivia is thus not more resting destinations, it will be able to as well offer an unforgettable travel to the amateurs of nature and strong feelings as with set on culture.

Culture & Traditions


The Amazon forest is the largest forest of the world. “The green hell” as it is called is the occasion for the travellers of living a single experiment in one of the most moved back places of the world. More than 8 million plant species and animal made their habitat of it. One discovers there more than 8 new species each year. You will be able to swim with the pink dolphins, or to fish the piranha.


Bolivia counts the greatest proportion of Amerindians of South America, approximately about thirty groups. We find in particular Kallawayas known for their control of ancestral medicine, Aymaras who originating in the lake Titicaca, are yamparas known for their fabrics and their ceramics, Tacanas of Amazonia or Guaranis, Chiquitos, Uru-Chipayas, Maxos and Quechuas.


From its size, Bolivia has a large range of different landscapes. You will be able to begin your day at the top of a mountain of several thousands of meter altitudes and to finish it in the middle of the Amazon forest to discover all the wealth of the largest forest of the world. You will be able to also go into ecstasies in front of plains, a desert of salt where time seems to be stopped or of the volcanos to the incredible colors! A large variety of landscapes which offers a wide selection of activities.


The lake Titicaca is a wonder natural not to miss. Perched with 3.812m of altitude, he is discovered in boat and through his many floating islands. Matrix of the universe according to the beliefs incas, this scintillating water supply point, the most navigable lake of the world, is paramount for the Bolivians. Do not miss Isla de Amantani and his temples dedicated to Pachamama and Pachatata. An idyllic panorama expects you side of the island of Taquile with its thatched cottages and its herds of sheep. Discover finally Puno on the Peruvian side of the lake, dynamic port city before continuing your travel.


The Bolivian Amazonian areas have a warm climate and wet. As for Altiplano, he knows a cold climate and dryness in winter, and a rainy season the summer. It is thus preferable to visit Bolivia in winter or at the mid--season.

10°-15° WINTER / 20°-30° SUMMER