It would be difficult not to like Brazil so much this country conceals natural or cultural, very modern jewelry or on the contrary inherited the colonial time. The areas, from one end to another of the country, abound in curiosities. Indeed, certain zones are more favourable with the excursions through the wet jungle, others with the visits of the small ports to colonial architecture but there are also areas where the sandy beaches and the seaside resorts follow one another. Very large metropolises, the very different characteristics, expect you: Rio the splendid one, cut between the mountains and bays, Brasilia the modern city or El Salvador, said “black Rome”, a resolutely African city.


Brazil is the largest country of South America, and the 5th larger country of the world. Giving on the Atlantic coast, it is frontier with the French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela and Colombia in north, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina in the west and finally Uruguay in the south. Put except for its splendid cities, Brazil east one of the last countries to be abounded in as many natural wealths! A destination to be privileged for in love ones with nature! You will be able to discover many national park, and to even explore “the green enfert”, the largest tropical forest in the world.

The Brazilian population is known throughout the world for its love of life, its direction of the festival and its dances. Indeed, you will meet, on the side of Bahia, a population with the African influences dancing will capoeira it and candomblé practitioner. Towards Rio de Janeiro, the From Rio de Janeiro ones, the townsmen, dance the samba rather and are crossed. Lastly, in the South, the population is more European and prosperous economically whereas in full Amazon forest, one can still go to the meeting of Indian people not having never met other civilisations. Brazil east thus really a country with the multiple facets which will be able to enchant you.

Culture & Traditions


In the past used by the slaves, will capoeira it became the Brazilian national sport. It is a sport of combat combining dance, combat, song and percussions. Let involve itself by the rhythm of ground and the sound of the berimbaus. The high place of will capoeira in Brazil east Salvador de Bahia.


You will not be able to leave Brazil without to have lived the experiment to go to eat in a churrascarrias. These restaurants are specialized in the art of the churrasco, i.e. the grills to the barbecue. The waiters of the churrascarrias come to serve the customers as meal while bringing the whole skewers which they cut out in front of their eyes.


The carnivals in Brazil form integral part of the culture and the Brazilian DNA. Most famous is without hesitating the great carnival of Rio called “the greatest festival of the Earth”. This carnival is composed in 3 parts of which most important is the large parade of the schools of samba in Sambodromo. However of another carnivals take place in the country, in particular in Recife and El Salvador.


Most of the Brazilian territory is covered by the largest forest with the world, Amazonia. The latter, crossed by the Amazon river is the place of habitat of several thousands of species of which some are in process of extinction. An excursion in Amazonia it is the occasion to discover a fauna and an incredible flora, to swim with the pink dolphins, to fish the piranha and of going to the meeting of native-born people. They will show you their culture and will speak to you with love about their beautiful forest.


Brazil has an immense territory. Because of its big size, the climate differs according to the areas. The climate is thus equatorial and tropical in Amazonia, it made hot and wet there all the year and the best period to explore the green hell is from July to October. In Nordeste, the climate is subtropical, the weather is hot and dry and the best period is from September to December.  As for Rio and in the South of Brazil, the best period to remain there is from April to May as from October to November because the tropical climate is wet with hot and rainy summers as well as fresh winters

10°-15° WINTER / 25°-30° SUMMER

Form your trip

The stages

A travel to Brazil will make you discover all the facets of this country headlight of the Latin America. Amazonia, cascades, beaches tropical and cities with preserved colonial architecture are the elements which make Brazil an exclusive destination. In Rio de Janeiro, one does not present in particular any more the famous Copacabana beaches and of Ipanema, without forgetting the famous carnival of Rio. A stay in Brazil it is also the occasion to discover the town of Paraty, famous for its White Houses, Salvador de Bahia, the city with the 365 churches, the impressive falls of Iguaçu at the border with Paraguay and Argentina.