Typically multicultural country, Canada lodges many nationalities in most big cities. Recognized for their good mood and their kindness, the Canadians are happy to accommodate and share the beauties of their country. Lakes of an unreal blue, mountainous chains as far as the eye can see and a vegetation rich and generous colors, Canada never ceased filling with wonder and dazzling. Leave on the traces the Amerindians, meet polar bears, white whales, admire the aurorae boreales or lose in an oversize mountain. But what is certain, it is that Canada expects you open arms. And you will want only one, it is there as fast as possible to return!


Between big spaces, a particularly rich fauna and a flora, dynamic cities and accessible people, Canada is displayed like an ideal destination for all the types of travellers. Indeed impassioned history, of music, wild animals, the sportsmen or the people in search of unforgettable experiments will be allured by this immense territory which has much to offer, and this at any season. In winter you will be able to ski in stations with the international reputation, to make sledge with dogs for a total communion with nature, to observe caribous, bear and mooses.

In summer of the spectacular excursions expect you, benefit from the thaw to make excursions in boat on the rivers and rivers, visit national parks of high quality and benefit from the cultural activities suggested in the large metropolises. Canada is also famous universally to be a gastronomical destination of reference and you will discover in Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal or Quebec of the restaurants proposing a kitchen of very high quality. If you are amateurs of big spaces, sportsmen or that you quite simply wish to discover the wealths of an extraordinary country, Canada is a destination impossible to circumvent.

Culture & Traditions


It is more than forty national parks which are on the Canadian territory and lodge an incredible fauna and a flora. At the time of your stay in Canada, provide with your camera and will furrow the many lakes, mountains and forests which are offered to you. You will be able in particular to visit the national parks of Banff, of the lakes-Waterton, To marble, of Large-Dull or of Kootenay.


Churchill, small town Canadian of 813 inhabitants, along Hudson Bay is one of the last places in the world where it is possible to see the splendid one and dangerous polar bear. It is not less than 900 polar bears which evolve in the landscapes subarctic of the neighbourhoods of the city.  The best period to observe them is from September to November. A single and rare experiment!


True jewel of nature, Canada offers to its visitors of many experiments based around the local wildlife. If you want to live one single moment, do not hesitate to leave in excursion to observe the humpback whales. These giants of the seas cohabit with other marine animals which you will perhaps have the chance to cross such as the orc or the white whale.


The Niagara Falls constitute one of the first tourist attractions of Ontario, being located at only 1:30 in boat of Toronto. It will be possible for you to return to you there by helicopter to benefit from a spectacular air sight on this unit of three falls. The Table Rock'n'roll, located in overhang at a few meters of the edge of the falls will offer a unspoilable view to you!


The four seasons are expressed with more or less width in the whole of Canada according to the latitude. The Easts coast and west know a very wet climate, while the interior is drier. The temperatures are softest in the south of the country, and often exceed the 20°C during the summer. The winter very long and is marked by negative temperatures whose average is of -18°C. The country has several time zones, information below relate to the Canadian capital.