A travel to Chile passes by the town of Santiago and the palace of Moneda where seat presidency of the Republic of Chile. In North, fill with wonder owe the old church at San Pedro de Atacama, classified with the world heritage of UNESCO or in front of the salt and sand deserts of the desert of Atacama, most arid of planet. A travel to Chile it is also Patagonie, its forests, its national parks rich and varied, its fjords or the Easter Island known for its giant statues, enigmatic Moaïs.


The first thing which one notices by opening a guide of Chile, it is its so particular geography. Wedged between the Andean Pacific and tops (culminating with more than 6,000 meters!), Chile is a spit of land of 4,300 km length and only 180 km broad on average! This specificity marked the Chilean culture, which has the reputation to have an insular mentality, very independent. Chile, fatherland of Cape Horn and the Easter Island, carries well its nickname of “country of the end of the world”. For as much, Chile is far from being made only one block. In North, the desert of Atacama, most arid in the world, abounds in exceptional natural sites (volcanos, lagoons, geysers, sources of warm water, sand dunes, etc). In the center, the mild climate, the beaches without end and the vineyards green invite to idleness.

But in a few hour drives, you will be able to also fit your skis or your cramps to leave to the attack the Andean tops! In Patagonie, the granitic rains and strong winds, solid masses and the seas of ice give a wild charm to the area. Lastly, to several hundred kilometers of the coasts, the islands lost right in the middle of the Pacific like the Easter Island or the island Robinson Crusoé are rare pearls for the walkers as for the plungers. You understood it, the interest of Chile resides in its diversity, but whatever the place, the adventure is never very far! 

Culture & Traditions


After a flight from Santiago, you will reach a destination of dreamed with an intact kept nature, imposing “the Easter Island”! This island of the end of the world is famous for the “Moaïs”, these monumental statues enigmatic. As of your alarm clock, you will profit from an impregnable sight to the sunrise on the line of statues of Ahu Tongariki. Your stay will be marked by a visit of the volcanic career of Rano Raraku and cultural village of Orongo which ensures a splendid point of view.


Chile is famous to be the paradise of the vine growers. Indeed, this country is one of only not to know the problem of the phylloxera and of the mildew and its climate is perfect for the culture of the vines. Since the arrival of Christianity in Chile, the grape is present on the territory and made it possible this beautiful country to produce many Grands Cru. Leave to the conquest the wine trail the valley Colchagua and its 20 exploitations open to the public considered to produce some of the best wines of the country. An experiment not to miss!


Chile is a country which abounds in wealths and UNESCO understood it well. It is not less than 12 Chilean sites which are classified with the world heritage. You will find there in particular many reserves of biosphere where to admire nature in all quietude (that of Juan Fernandez, of Torres del Paine, Fray Jorge, Laguna San Rafael, Lauca, Cabo de Hornos, Campana-Penuelas and that of Araucaria). But will find there you also a splendid church, a mine as well as the emblematic city of Valparaiso. A multiplicity of wonders to be discovered!


Chile is the ideal destination for in love ones with nature! From its size and its form, Chile has several climates different and thus an exceptional range from more impressive landscapes the ones than the others. You will be able to go to ski on skiable fields such as that of El Colorado, to go in the desert, to climb volcanos at the covered with snow tops, to make excursion in mountain, to admire geysers and cascades, to make surfing close to splendid beaches or to even surf between the icebergs and the glaciers in the south of Chile. As many reliefs and different landscapes in a single country.


On the coast of Chile, the climate is moderate, the temperature are mild the winter and heats the summer. The mountain climate as for him is cold and dry in the Andes cordillera and Patagonie. However in a large country like Chile, the temperatures strongly vary according to the areas.


20°-25°C SUMMER / 10°C WINTER