A travel to Costa Rica, called “Switzerland of the Central America”, is a stay calm and resting. A small surface which offers great wealths, in a prosperous environment and good child. The visitor will be immediately surprised by the luxuriant vegetation and the landscapes to cut the breath: tropical forests, mountains, rivers. Costa Rica corresponds completely to the families as with the sportsmen in search of adventures. Beaches, volcanos and observation of fauna and the flora remain the main activities to be discovered in Costa Rica. It should be noted that, for several years, the country has proposed very powerful tourist structures, making tourism simple and pleasant. In love with nature, this little place of paradise is made for you!


North of the territory at the coasts of the Pacific or the Caribbean, Costa Rica is an incredible country. Equipped of a luxuriant and abundant nature, it is ideal for the travellers in search for exoticism. Indeed, there exists in Costa Rica few large metropolises and modern infrastructures. One finds primarily villages picturesque and nature reserves, except for San José the capital. Nature, fauna and the flora are thus the main assets of the countries which abound in corners sublimes and still little modified by the man. Costa Rica is not an immense country, which makes it possible to discover various areas on an only one journey. You will be able to thus be stretched out on the sandy beaches gray, white or black of the coasts but also to climb on the Arenal volcano or to insert you in the dense tropical forests.

With 34% of the protected territory, Costa Rica is a corner of paradise where you will discover rare birds, tortoises lute, monkeys but also of the flowers and trees exotic. For most courageous, this small country of Central America also offers very famous spots of surfing and stroll in the marshes or at the bottom of cascades. Will pura emptied (pure life), asserted by the inhabitants of Costa Rica, is a philosophy, a lifestyle in adequacy with nature. Registered everywhere in the country, the expression reminds the tourists that here, it makes good things in life and that it is necessary to benefit from nature all while preserving it.

Culture & Traditions


Costa Rica is incontestably a country with one of most beautiful natures! It is besides its first center of interest. You will see there many volcanos, falls, of water, sources of water, rivers and of course an intact tropical forest where evolves a multiplicity of animals.


The nature of Costa Rica offers to many animals an ideal and exceptional habitat. It has one of the richest faunas of the world. You will find there in particular 35,000 species of insects, 160 species of Amphibians, 220 species of reptiles, 850 species of birds as well as many mammals and marine animals.


Even if they account for only 1% of the population costaricaine, the autochtones groups attract much the travellers of share their culture. Each one with could keep its language and its habits. You will find in particular Bribri and Cabécar which live on the Caribbean side of the country. Guaymi which lives in the Indian reserves of Valle de Cotobus and Boruca as well as Maleku.


The grounds costaricaine are inhabited since long time by Amerindian tribes. These last although they have almost all disparuent, left their trace. You will find in particular vestiges of ceremonial places in Guyabo as in the valley of Diquis where a hundred spheres carved with the hand are profiled. Their origin is however still a mystery.


From December to April, Costa Rica knows one dry season, it acts of the best period to go there. The rainy season goes from May to November, however from one corner to another of the country, precipitations differ considerably.

20° WINTER / 25°-35° SUMMER