A trip to Cuba will make you visit five centuries of history by its architectural richness and its filled up culture of joy and laughter where the least event is celebrated while dancing. A stay in Cuba passes by Havana, its capital, known for its cigars, its old lanes classified with the world heritage of UNESCO and the museums in memory of Che. A circuit in Cuba makes you pass by the town of Trinidad and its baroque churches or by the old capital Santiago de Cuba with his castle-fortress, its cathedral and its passion for the salsa.


Cuba is eclectic so much by its history animated than by its geography and the activities which you will be able to make there. But where that you are on the island, a thing remains the same one: the good mood of the inhabitants and the musical atmosphere and festive which reigns on the largest island of the Caribbean. Slacken on the many white sand beaches and profit in to plunge even with Juste a mask and a tuba to observe the coral reefs. Explore the national parks, true reserve biosphere protected by UNESCO, on a tour of various animal species and vegetable which live there. Fill with wonder having itself at the multicoloured butterflies, the splendid orchises and the water cascades the ones following the others.

For the set ones on culture, you will be able to visit the museums recalling the cuban revolution and to understand this country oppressed by colonization and the slavery which wanted to extirpate any foreign domination. Cuba will not leave you indifferent and you will be transported by the cuban music, by smoking a good cigar and by tasting the rum of close distilling.

Culture & Traditions


Cuba is strongly famous for its famous cigars. Their unequalled quality is due to many factors. The site of the island and its climate are favorable to the culture of the tobacco, but the cuban labour also is very tested. Indeed, each cuban cigar is rolled to the hand then stored in limps in cedar. At the time of your stay in Cuba you will have the possibility of visiting certain factories of cigars.


The diving is without any doubt the headlight activity of Cuba. The island has many spots of diving where evolves of marine numerous species. That it is side of Isla of Juventud where water is clear and limpid or on the side of Bay of the Pigs where there is a coral wall 35 km length, the diving in Cuba will leave you an imperishable memory.



With the image of the cigars, Che Guevara is one of the emblematic symbol of the island of Cuba. True hero of the cuban revolution it becomes the symbol of freedom in Cuba but also in the whole world. The Province of Santa Clara where took place one of its battles is coveted by many tourists to carry out a pilgrimage in memory of Che.


Cuba is also famous for its typical cars. At the time of the Fifties, American left the island by leaving their cars. After the embargo, it was impossible to receive spare parts. The Cubans have thus to maintain these cars as they could. This is why, you will see at the time of your stay in Cuba the omnipresence of these beautiful cars.


In Cuba, the season of the hurricanes is from June to November. But the climate is all the year very hot and wet.

20°-25° WINTER / 30°-35° SUMMER