Haven of peace, is in hiding of legend, “Ecuador” hides behind him, a fabulous natural treasure which is visited! The country profits from an exceptional location between Colombia and Peru. Its wonders will guarantee to you without any doubt a single stay in its kind! In this country of dreamed, you will discover its charming cities where you will be vis-a-vis a long-lived Indian culture. With a tropical climate, Ecuador shelters an incomparable, abundant and varied fauna and a flora. From its valleys of volcanos, you will be certainly moved by the astonishing pallet by landscapes, the wealth of nature, cultures and especially by the spectacular sights.


In spite of its small – its surface represents only half of that of France –, Ecuador offers to its visitors a large variety of landscapes and activities. You will be able indeed as well to plunge on a tour of seabeds of Galápagos, to be stretched out on a beach of the Pacific Coast, to leave to the meeting the natives who live in the middle of the Amazon forest, to climb a volcano or to visit the historic center of the Andean cities of Quito and Cuenca, both classified with the World heritage of UNESCO.

Just beside the Ecuadorian coasts, you will be able to discover the splendid archipelago of Galapagos. Composed of about forty small islands and 19 islands, it is a stage not to miss!  This last became a refuge for numerous species of animals which you will not be able to admire nowhere elsewhere. You will find in particular sea lions and iguanas marine.

Culture & Traditions


With nearly 1,000 km of the Ecuadorian coasts, the archipelago of Galápagos, classified with the Natural heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1979, is the natural habitat of animal numerous species, of which the famous iguana of Galápagos. Their observation inspired besides to famous Charles Darwin part of his famous theory of the evolution.


For one complete moment of expansion at the time of your passage to Quito in Ecuador, benefit from the thermal springs of Papallacta.! Embedded between Cayambe and Antisana, the sources of hydrothermal warm waters of Papallacta are an exceptional footbridge which you should not miss before you launching in the Amazonian adventures.


The Amazon forest is the largest forest of the world. “The green hell” as it is called is the occasion for the travellers of living a single experiment in one of the most moved back places of the world. More than 8 million plant species and animal made their habitat of it. One discovers there more than 8 new species each year. You will be able to swim with the pink dolphins, or to fish the piranhas.



Ecuador, it is enormously of opportunities in a single country. Indeed the relief of this beautiful country offers to the travellers opportunity of discovering thousand and one wonders of nature. You will be able to begin your day while hiking in the volcanos at the covered with snow tops, for then exploring the Amazon forest and finishing your day on an archipelago by discovering an exceptional endemic fauna.


In Ecuador, the climate is variable according to altitude. In the Andean valleys, this last is tropical and hot. In the Andean plate, it is moderate and is cold on the highlands. However the best period to leave is from June to November safe for the Amazon forest where it rains between May and August.

10°-15° WINTER / 30° - 35° SUMMER