The vastness of the United States conceals a great diversity of landscapes, fauna and flora. In the west you will be admiring in front of the grandiose landscapes of beaches like those of San Diego, Newport Beach or Laguna Beach. You will be also stunned by the mountains with luminous Sierra Nevada more in north where immense sequoias in water of the lakes are reflected. Discover the deserts with Grand Canyon, Zion National Park or Bet National Park whose red sharp of the rocks offers an extraordinary show and panoramas of exception. While going west of the United States you will also have the opportunity of discovering superb vineyards as in sunny Napa Valley. But the west is not summarized only with landscapes, one finds there the big cities of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco which bring an interesting cultural key with many museums and galleries. Las Vegas transports you in an artificial universe where the game and the money reign as Masters. 


The North-East of the United States also proposes interesting panoramas, in particular in autumn with the change of color of the trees in New England, a coast shredded in Maine, of the fabulous headlights… But this part of the United States is especially attractive for the towns of Boston, cradle of the American history, of New York, energetic and attractive, or of Washington for its emblematic monuments and its galleries of Article These cities are the occasion to discover superb restaurants and hotels and to benefit from the cultural and artistic wealth of this large country.

The south-east of the United States, as for him, is an invitation with the relaxation, the festival but also on a tour of a fauna and very rich flora. Indeed, Florida has formidable assets with more than 1,100 km of beach, the zone of Everglades all in the South where live animal numerous species, the festivity of the town of Miami, the space centre of Cape Kennedy or the park of Disneyland with Orlando. It is a destination which will be appropriate as well to the families as with those which only travel or in couple.

Culture & Traditions


A stay in the United States is the occasion to discover about ten national park which contains each one a different flora and a fauna. You will be able in particular to visit the national parks of Hollow Mammoth, of Yellowstone, of Yosemite, of Everglades, the volcanos of Hawaii or of mythical Grand Canyon.


The United States is incontestably famous for the big cities with the international radiation. At the time of your stay, plunge in the middle as of buildings, all more impressive the ones than the others. Leave to the conquète San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Miami, Memphis or of New York. An unforgettable stay in prospect!


Impossible to discover the United States without passing by many the fast-food of the country. Cradle of hamburger and hot-dogs, you will not fail to impregnate you one by one American culture by tasting best the bugers of the country. If you are in New York will discover the BLT Burger, in Boston Boston Company Burger, Washington Good Stuff Eatery, Miami the BLT Steak or Umami Burger in Los Angeles.


On November 4th, 2008 was one great day in the history of the United States of America. Indeed, for the first time, an Afro-American is elected as president. Barack Obama, born in Hawaii of a Kenyan father and a white mother becomes the 44ème US president. This day marks the history of the country, which has for a long time was the cradle of the racial fight.


The United States has a climate moderated with variable temperatures according to the areas, more one goes to the south, more it makes hot. The North-East knows negative temperatures in winter for one long period while Florida has a tropical climate and the South of California profits from hot temperatures at the same period. In order to avoid crowd of summer, it is preferable to visit the United States in autumn or at the beginning of spring. Moreover the jet lag is different depending on the states, because the country is shared between several time zones. Information concerning the weather and the jet lag below is those of the American capital: Washington.

5°-10°WINTER / 20° SUMMER
-5 H