Destination as attractive as rare, Greenland will charm the amateurs of big spaces and wild nature. Privileged territory of the Arctic animals, “Terre Verte” proposes landscapes various and varied to you absolutely except standards. Polar bears, white whales, boreal whales and Arctic foxes elected residence in this landscape encircled by the ice-barrier and the glaciers, which will leave you the possibility of going to their meeting at the time of your travel. You will be stunned by this immaculate white being spread out as far as the eye can see. Between adventures and meetings with Inuit the, many ones are the wealths of Greenland. Guaranteed escape!


If the image that we of Greenland east that of a distant region covered with ice, the nature of this country offers also his batch to us of greenery. The amateurs of excursions will be able to admire this constraste of colors and landscapes by traversing the country on both sides. The in love ones with the animals will be able to discover the famous boreal whales at the time of a croisère in the middle of icebergs. When with set on culture, they will appreciate outward journey with the meeting of the families Inuit living on the territory. In spite of the ambient cold, Greenlandic accommodates the travellers cordially. One should not then hesitate to share a hot drink with them to speak fishing season and drives out. A travel to Greenland with OR'NORMES, it is an experiment mixing efforts, passion and traditions.

This country of 2,166,086 km2 is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. In spite of its proximity with Iceland, this territory belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark. The 57,728 inhabitants of the country live primarily on the fishing season and hunting. Mainly gathered in the Nuuk capital, the latter speak mainly Danish and Greenlandic.

Culture & Traditions

The first to have discovered this beautiful country are Inuit then the Vikings. The latter invited the country Greenland “Terre Verte” in order to convince the colonists to be installed on these grounds. At the 12th century, the Greenlandic Vikings recognize the King of Norway like their sovereign and this Scandinavian population disappears completely from the territory, leaving behind them always observable ruins. Following the disappearance of the Vikings, missionaries of the joint kingdom of Denmark-Norway arrive at Greenland and convert most Inuit with Christianity.


The skins of the animals are used to manufacture clothing and the flesh to nourish the population. As known as the Greenlandic government “hunting is the heart of the heart and the Greenlandic culture… In a company such as Greenland, hunting with always be a survival lasting more than fifty years. Our identity is founded on hunting.”


Having few roads on the territory, the sledge with dogs is means of transport except for whole. The traditions Inuit want that Greenlandic lives in perfect symbiosis with nature and the animals. The sledge with dogs makes it possible to be at the same time close to the animals, nature and the traditions. The hunters use much the sledge with dogs to leave to hunting. Moreover, each year a race of huskies is organized.


The inhabitants of Greenland nourissent themselves primarily of their huntings and their peaches. Concerning the traditional dishes; we find in particular the stock of reindeers, of the meat dishes of bear and seals. Pancakes made containing flour, of leaven and seal blubber. There is also Akutaq, an ice made containing grass and bay, seal blubber. The kiviak, is prepared to him by filling a carcass with seal with penguins which one lets ferment several months.


Being given that the inhabitants of Greenland nourish their own game, nature is for them paramount. Their fauna and their flora are extraordinary! One finds there in particular Arctic whales, white whales, foxes, reindeers, seals, musk oxen, penguins and much more… Between lakes, ocean, mountains, pastures, icebergs and glaciers the nature of Greenland is exceptional.


Climatic variations are made feel between the littoral and the inland. The relief also plays a determining role in the temperatures because of the wind which is engulfed violently in the valleys and refreshed considerably the temperature. In summer, these last are between 5° and 15° while in winter, the average is located between -20° and -25° with peaks with -40°.Le center and is of Greenland undergo only snow-covered precipitations, while on the west side can know scattered rains in summer.

5 - 15°C SUMMER / -30°C WINTER
Danish Krone
UTC -4/-3

Form your trip

The stages

Discover Greenland from every angle while crossing the country of is in west without forgetting the astonishing south of the island. Traverse extraordinary landscapes made up of splendid fjords crossed by icebergs increasingly more impressive. Let you try by single experiments in keeping with the culture Inuit. Leave to drive out the small one like big game with a room before you to test with the control of a sledge with dogs. The south of Greenland, much greener than the rest of the island, kept the traces of the previous civilisations and will be the occasion to observe many wild animals like the imposing musky buffalo, the numerous species of birds and other seals.