Ground of the Mayas and the volcanos, Guatemala brings happiness travellers attracted by the diversity of its landscapes, its splendid historic buildings, its mysterious culture and its vestiges. Indeed, this small region of Central America has the many ones and attractive wonders. To travel to Guatemala east before any synonym of discovered traditions and pagan beliefs. You also will venture you in tropical jungles with luxuriant nature. Lake Atitlan with its majestic volcanos, via the area of Coban and its green fields of plantation; all is impressive there. Also discover the natural wealth of Rio Dulce, the cascades of Semuc Champey, the jungle of Petén, Chichicastenango, the pretty town of Antigua, the pyramids of Tikal de Yaxha or Aguateca… Your conquest of the mysterious Maya civilisation in Guatemala will be only more authentic!


Ideally located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Guatemala books to its visitors of the varied and stunning landscapes. A travel to Guatemala is indeed the occasion to discover natural sites of any beauty like the national park Laguna Lachuga, the lake Atitlan, the oasis of Semuc Champey favourable with a paradisiac bathe in fresh water and turquoise of its natural pools, or the greatest concentration of active volcanos of Central America which it is possible to explore via trekkings organized for most sporting.

Of curious and accessible nature, the Guatemalans like to share their history, their tradition and their culture with the visitors. Your travel will be a formidable experiment accompanied by these inhabitants out of commun run. You will be surprised by their kindness. Share their daily newspaper while going in the many markets of street and by visiting certain villages of the country.

Culture & Traditions


The Guatemalan territory is strewn with more incredible Mayan sites the ones than the others. This old population occupied Guatemala several centuries ago. However part of this population is still present on the territory and their traces are quite present, in particular in Tikal, El Mirador, Copan or in Abaj Tak Alik…


Guatemala is a jewel of nature. Its panoramas out of commun run will leave you without voice. Begin your day while surfing on the most beautiful Latin America Lake and by climbing the volcanos. Stop your day by trotting you in the jungle, by bathing you in natural pools or let try itself by the beaches of Guatemala.


Semuc Champey is described per many people like the most imposing place of Guatemala. Its natural limestone bridge where is a series of basins with water turquoises is the ideal place for a bathe. Although this corner of paradise is difficult access, this experiment is especially not to be missed.


Guatemala still lodges the famous population of the Maya which is divided into four different groups. Quiches, Mam, Kekchiet Kaqchiquel. The latter live mainly in high-are in hiding Guatemalan. You will be able to also go to the meeting of Chinkas, Ladinos and Garifunas.


In Guatemala, the climate is tropical though more moderate in altitude. On the level as of coastal areas as in the lowlands of North the weather is hot and wet. However, in the regions higher the weather is dry and the temperature can vary much with altitude. The best period to visit Guatemala is the dry season of the end of November to April.