Honduras is one of the poorest countries of Central America but has great natural wealths and cultural. The a large number of reserves combining forest, mountain and sea in the open air give to the travellers innumerable opportunities of activities. Honduras, in particular the archipelago of Bahia, borders the 2nd more Great Barrier Reef in the world, a spectacular place for the amateurs of snorkeling and diving. Beyond its luxuriant nature, this country has a single cultural heritage. Between its last rich person Maya, his colonial cities and the traditions of the many local ethnos groups, Honduras will be able to charm impassioned history.


In the middle of the Central America, Honduras attracts the travellers who wish to leave the beaten paths. Bordered on a side by the Caribbean, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, this small country of Central America fascine in love ones with nature. They initially find there beautiful beaches and remarkable spots of diving as in Tela, Bahía, or in the small islands of cayos Cochinos. Paradise of the water activities in any kind, the canoe to the white water rafting, via the fishing season, the baths of sun and the bathe, Honduras is not satisfied for all that of its sunny climate and its golden beaches.

The country is also characterized by its green landscapes. Its tropical forests, its parks and nature reserves which bring happiness amateurs of excursion. The sportsmen in search of adrenalin will be able to devote themselves to various activities of which the tyrolienne in the canopy. But the amateurs of culture are not either remains about it because the country also holds some Maya vestiges not to miss, following the example of Copán with its sculptures cut in the stone and its steles, the archaeological site of El Puente like Rio Amarillo.

Culture & Traditions


Honduras accommodates various ethnic minorities. Your stay in this beautiful country is the occasion to go to the meeting of these people which continue to defend their culture and their traditions. You will find in particular Mosquitos, Paid them and the Sumos in the Western North of the Country. Lencas and Chortis in the mountains of the West. But also Pipols, Jicaques or Tawahkas.


Honduras has a nature of a great wealth. The landscapes strongly differ according to the areas and will be able to convince in love ones with nature. You will find there marshes, mangrove swamps, white sand beaches but also of the tropical forests and cloudy where develops a stunning fauna. Perhaps you will be likely to see monkeys, jaguars, iguanas, pumas or the mythical quetzal!


Roatan is incontestably the privileged place of the tourists in Honduras. This island is part of the archipelago of Bahia located at 50 kilometers of the Nords coasts of the country. This island of 80 km2 offers to the travellers a balneal bracket on beaches of dreamed. The peak season is from December to April and makes it possible set on diving to discover an incredible watery fauna.


The Honduran territory is strewn with more incredible Mayan sites the ones than the others. This old population occupied Honduras several centuries ago. However their traces are still quite present in particular at Copàn.


Honduras enjoys a tropical climate, it thus made there approximately 30°C all the year. The year is divided however into 2 seasons: season dries of mid-November to at the end of April and rainy season of the end of February to mid-June.