To live an adventure in the extreme south of the sphere, in the middle of the white desert in the Antarctic


The seventh continent is the largest desert of the world, it is larger than all the joined together countries of Europe. This desert of ice is the coldest place and driest of the sphere. Only the penguins, the whales and the seals cohabit. This extent of ice offers to the travellers an adventure out of commun run in one of the places most inaccessible and inhospitable with the world. The time of a stay, forget your a priori on the arctic cold and leave to the conquest these grounds still far from known the man.

However, this travel is exclusively booked to the confirmed travellers not being afraid of the extreme climatic conditions. It is a travel that very little of people were likely to achieve but which books sometimes some surprises due to the climate.

Your tour will be able to begin various ways. It is possible to reach the white desert from South Africa with a plane. However, most travellers leave since the Terre de Feu located at the south Argentina. From there, is it still possible to take a plane, but what would be a travel in the Antarctic without living the experiment of the crossing of the Channel of Drake? This mythical channel of 1000 kilometers is a test with him only. It is to better have the well hung stomach, because during about thirty hours that its crossing lasts, the ship will have to face the winds as well as vaguenesses sometimes being able to reach the 10 meters in height. You will well quickly understand why the Antarctic is an inaccessible ground, it is a travel which is deserved largely.

You will be almost about to give up and want to return on your premise when finally is profiled with far the silhouette from the ice-barrier. Pure and bright.  You will be plunged in an absolute silence that only the noise of the penguins and fall of the icebergs will come to disturb. This icy nothing then seems to you a promised land, a so much expected reward. You will not have any more that only one hastens, to go down from this boat and to leave to the conquest its inhospitable grounds.

 You will suddenly hear agitation on the prow of the boat, you will approach to see what occurs and you will attend an imposing and single show then. An orc and its small evolving in dark water of the Ocean, with only a few meters of you.

 In order to discover the Antarctic, you will embark on a zodiac which will enable you to reach the ice-barrier. The impression to be tiny will then be made feel during your navigation between the icebergs. Then, you will pose finally the feet on the ice and you will be submerged by the decoration which surrounds you. Worked by the sun, the wind and water, the ice takes forms sometimes quite mysterious. The icebergs and the high mountains of ice borrow stunning colors and colours! The bite of the cold will not be whereas a bad memory the excitation to discover the places so much will be important. The first activity will consist of an excursion in racket in order to go to visit the few scientific bases of the continent. It is not rare that during these escapades, you find yourselves encircled by a colony of emperor penquins. But it is in the twilight that most beautiful of the shows will be offered to you. It is at this time there that the white of the ice-barrier and the icebergs reflects the colors changeantes sky offering to the travellers a splendid range.

 By taking again the zodiac to turn over to the boat you will have surely the chance of cross the road of a bench of whales. The first day on the seventh continent is undoubtedly more testing but also most magic, it enables you to foresee all the discoveries which book to you the stay. In the Antarctic, each day resembles itself and yet the activities do not miss.

The shortly after your excursion in racket, you will leave to discover the ocean in the canoe. Perched on your small boat, you will follow the group through the maze of icebergs. And whereas you pass under an arch of ice you will realize that the others moved away. During a few seconds, you will be alone in the world at the point more in the south of the sphere. This feeling of privilege will gray you and you will join the group to ski on the ice-barrier in order to discover the rest of polar fauna.

 Each cave, each canyon forged in the ice will fill with wonder you; and yet if there is an activity in the Antarctic which one should not miss it is well the scuba diving. Far from the corals and coloured fishes of the Caribbean, the diving under ice will enable you to discover another facet of the Antarctic. If you had the feeling to be tiny compared to the icebergs, wait to discover their immersed face, much larger than that visible at surface. Only, vis-a-vis the abyssal blue of the Ocean, the absolute calm will be broken by the song of the whales and the underwater waltz of the seals. While going back to surface accompanied by a bench of penguins, you will realize that the Antarctic is a destination where all is only privilege.

After a few days of marvellous discoveries, it will be time to take again the course of Ushuaia. You will cross the Channel of Drake by having to the spirit all the imperishable memories created on the ground of the white desert…


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