Your customized trip to Mexico cosmopolitan, gigantic, will be coloured, diversified, dazzling like its Mexico City capital. You will find there beaches sumptuous on the shores of Yucatán, the villas and the baroque churches, the national parks, the colonial vestiges and the Mayan sites. Let allure itself by the wealth of this country at the time of your stay in Mexico. A travel to Mexico will combine balneal stay, plunged, trekking, cruising, cultural stay according to your desires.


Mexico City and its area offer to the visitors a first occasion to impregnate Mexican culture, between the colonial buildings and the coloured districts of Mexico City, and the vestiges of the Maya city of Teotihuacan. In a broader perimeter around the capital, you will not know any more where to give head enters the many colonial cities placed by the Spanishs on the road of the money, like Guanajato or Guadalajara. But the north and the south of the country are not in rest either: under the border of the United States, extends indeed the Western Sierra Veined whose sometimes desert landscape is strewn with indigenous villages, cactus or with imposing canyons.

The southern part of the country finally, seems to concentrate the principal types of tourist attraction of the country. It is the area of the great Maya archaeological sites to which the names are enough to make dream the apprentices Indiana Jones – Chichen Itza and Palenque to quote only them –, but also paradisiac beaches of bay of Acapulco or peninsula of Yucatan, or of the charming colonial cities as San Cristobal of mow Put, famous for its Indian market. You will have understood it, a travel to Mexico is the occasion to discover the cultures of yesterday and today which give to the country this so particular charm, but also to benefit from paradisiac beaches, and to discover its grandiose landscapes.

Culture & Traditions


The reputation of the Mexican gastronomy is not any more to make. Known as a spiced gastronomy, you will find there in particular the guacamole, the tacos, the fajitas, the enchiladas, the quesadillas and much more.


The Mexican territory is strewn with more incredible Mayan sites the ones than the others. This old population occupied Mexico several centuries ago. However their traces are still quite present at Chichen Itza, Coba, Uxmal, Palenque, Tulum and well of others.


Mexico counts a large number of native-born people. You will find the Cudgels of Oaxaca there, the last Maya civilisations in Yucatan, Tamahumaras which live in the Chihuahua, Yaquis of Sonara, or Huicholes which are famous for their coloured crafts.



A stay in Mexico is also the occasion of snorkeller with the mythical shark whale! These 14 meters length marine mammals come to broad from the peninsula from Yucatan from June to September. An unforgettable experiment closest to this giant of the seas.


In Mexico, the climate strongly differs according to the areas. In north, the summers are very hot and the winters are cold. Central Meseta as for it has a climate moderated with fresh nights. The coastlines have a tropical climate which is wet and hot. The rainy season which is non-existent on the plates north extends from June to September on the rest of the country. The best period to leave is thus from October to May. Moreover Mexico has several time zones, therefore the jet lag is not the same one everywhere. That indicated below is that of Mexico City in summer (season reversed in Mexico).

10°-15° WINTER / 20°-30° SUMMER