Ground of lakes and volcanos, Nicaragua is a true mosaic of history and emotions. This country is discovered through its tropical jungles, of its many volcanos, its colonial beautiful cities, its West-Indian villages and its beaches of dreamed. Let carry itself by the Latin music and leave on a tour of treasures this ignored region. Capital at the towns of León and Granada via the Lake Nicaragua and its volcanic island, benefit from this preserved paradise. A single and authentic adventure in the middle of a country which knew to keep its identity.



Located between Costa Rica and Honduras, Nicaragua is the largest country of Central America. Unfortunately known for its wars which a long time devastated the country and too little visited, Nicaragua however abounds in natural treasures as well as cultural. This country has both plus big lakes of Central America where you will be able to sail in all peace in order to discover more than twenty volcanos and an impressive fauna gathered in nature reserves. But they are not the only wealths of Nicaragua.

In the west, the banks are bathed by the Pacific Ocean, snuffed spots of surfing, while the Caribbean Sea comes to border the paradisiac beaches of the east from the country. You will be able to swim with various tropical fishes. Finally beyond its natural pearls, the country has a rich cultural heritage and history with in particular of superb colonial cities. Your travel to Nicaragua will take on a true air of human adventure in contact with its particularly accessible population.

Culture & Traditions


Undeniable wealth of Nicaragua east without any doubt its intact and splendid nature. Called the country of the lakes and the volcanos, you will be able to admire more than twenty volcanos there, of the subtropical forests, the white sand beaches, the small islands of corails and as well as both plus Central America big lakes.


The stunning nature of Nicaragua makes it possible to the travellers to benefit from a wide range of activities. The volcanos and the mountains will make it possible to the sportsmen to make excursion. To take height, acrobranche in the canopy is also possible. Large vaguenesses of the Pacific make coasts a spot of snuffed surfing. Moreover, do not miss devote yourself to the diving to see splendid sea-bed.


If you wish to impregnate yourselves Amerindian culture at the time of your stay in Nicaragua do not hesitate to go to the meeting of some autochtones groups present over the territory. You will find there Miskitos in the vicinity of Puerto Cabezas and Waspam. Mayagnas in the reserve of biosphere of Bosawas, Rowed them in Rama Cay as well as Garifunas with Orinoco and Tasbapauni.


Nicaragua lodges a very diverse fauna. Most species live in reserves. You will find there in particular many mammals such as monkeys, cougars, ocelots, the lazy ones and even of the jaguars. Concerning the birds, there exist approximately 700 species in Nicaragua. The marine species and the reptiles are also strongly present, with the image of the shark bull and the tortoise lute.


Nicaragua has a tropical climate with an average temperature of 25°. The season dries is from December to May whereas the rainy season is from May to October.