Panama is especially famous, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, for its channel connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific. However, the country has many other things to offer to the visitors. Panama has a luxuriant nature, at the same time wild and accessible. If the country has the same assets in term of spaces and biodiversity that its neighbor Costa Rica, he is however visited much less. It is a small paradise for the rare amateurs of species, excursion and bathe. To visit Panama is to carry out the rise of the Baru volcano, to discover the fauna and the flora of Darien and to taste with crystalline water of the coasts the Caribbean and the Pacific.


If it is a small country all in length, Panama is a state with the multiple facets. Its major asset is connection, Panama Canal between the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. You will be able, during your travel, to discover pretty locks allowing the boats to pass. Near the Channel, the pretty capital of Panama City will enable you to discover treasures of civilisation. It has, in its center, a very old working with the colonial architecture classified with the Cultural World heritage of UNESCO. If the zone of Panama, including the capital and the Channel, is impossible to circumvent, it is also necessary to move away some to discover other natural wonders. In the East, most adventurous will discover the national park of Darien, also classified with UNESCO and abounding in surprising species whereas the paradisiac amateurs of small islands can be stretched out on the hot sand islands of the zone of Traded of San Blas.

The West of the country, completely different, is also very surprising with the archipelago Bocas del Toro and the Baru volcano, superb top which dominates the rest of the country. True destination of dreamed, Panama will enchant you with his wild nature, its single Channel in the world and its archipelagoes strewn with paradisiac small islands. Tourist than his neighbor Costa Rica, Panama offers a diversity of fauna and flora and mountainous and coastal landscapes without similar.

Culture & Traditions


Panama is the ideal destination to discover the underwater world. You will be able to observe a stunning marine animal-life in particular with the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, in the islands of San Blas, Portobelo, Playa Rio Mar and Playa El Palmar. For a completely atypical experiment, outward journey to plunge with the sharks whales which migrate in Panamanian water.


A stay in Panama is also the occasion of going to the meeting of its inhabitants who represent 230,000 inhabitants. You will be able in particular to discover Breaking-Breakings, Embaras, Wounaans, the Ngöbe-Bugle, Gunas and Naso Teribe. Each one of these ethnos groups knew to keep its ancestral traditions and its habits. Most these ethnos groups are established at the western ends and is country.


Panama, it is a travel in the middle of idyllic beaches with corals which shelter stunning marine species as well as tropical forests which are used as natural habitat with incredible species, of which some in the process of disappearance. You will be able in particular to discover more than 900 species of birds, lazy, the quetzals, the toucans and even of the coatis.


Panama Canal east without any doubt the most famous place of the country. This channel separates the Atlantic Ocean from the Pacific Ocean and is the required passage of several thousands of boats a year. You will be pleased to see the splendid locks which compose the channel.


Panama enjoys a tropical climate. From December to April, the country knows one dry season. It is the best period to go there. The rainy season goes from May to November approximately. On the Caribbean coast, precipitations are much more important than on the rest of the country.