To visit Paraguay is to rediscover the pleasure of the exclusiveness in the travel, the privilege of the discovery, the feeling to be pionnier on this ground. He remains a negative image there to preserve the country, and not to reveal all his secrecies of them, except with those which venture there. Let invade itself by the softness which reigns there and appreciate the authenticity of the country. The reception is cordial there, which will enable you to discover Paraguay in all peace.


South America overflows of beautiful landscapes and natural wealths. Those of Brazil, Chile or of Argentina are known of all, but it is also of more discrete, and which are worth the turning as much. Paraguay, true small pearl imbricated between Brazil and Argentina, are a perfect example. You will be agreeably surprised to discover its history through its cultural heritage with in particular the ruins of the Missions Jesuits located at the south of the country, classified with the World heritage of UNESCO, or in the many museums and sites of the Asunción capital.

If you like nature and big spaces, this destination is made for you. You will be subjugated by the large national parks which shelter an extraordinary wildlife. Paraguay will be able fully to satisfy your desires besides and with expatriation, in the peace and the softness which characterize this country.

Culture & Traditions


Pantanal is a stage not to miss at the time of your stay in Paraguay. This place is the wetland largest of planet and is shared between three countries. Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. The scientists think that it is as much the densest ecosystem of the world at the vegetable level that animal. You will find there 3500 plant species, 650 species of birds, 80 species of mammals, 400 fish species and 50 species of reptiles.


The missions Jesuits were established in seen to convert the Indians, to bring back them to the civil life and to subject them to the colonial administrative authority. The Jesuits thus created autonomous structures to gather the Indians, and to protect them by turning into a sedentary population them. One added up a set of 30 missions within the basin of the King of Plata, of which 7 were located at Paraguay. These villages, also called “reductions” were equipped with single urban structures. Today the most known ruins are those of Trinidad del Parana and those of Jésus de Tavarangué. 


Less impressive than its Brazilian cousin, the Encarnaceno Carnival is nevertheless an imposing experiment. Created in 1916, this carnival with place every year during the weekends of February in Sambodromo which can contain 8000 spectators. During several days, you will be able to admire a show out of commun run which mixes dance, music, costumes and animations of street. The Carnival finishes in the middle of a foam and water battle. Assured environment!


The kitchen of Paraguay is somewhat similar to that of Argentina but is perhaps a little bit more delicate. The travellers will be able indeed to discover during their stay a rich kitchen, raised and full with energy. Mainly centered around the beef and porcine, it is also often accompanied by pancakes to cheese and ingredients such as the cassava, corn, potatoes or aubergine. You will be able to see there imposing roasted pieces of beef and of pig called “parilladas” or “asados” which are immense grilled meats of ox, chicken, pig and lamb.


Paraguay has a continental climate with seasons reversed with a strong moisture. The rainy season is between October and April. As for the best season to visit Paraguay, it is located from May to September.

5°-15° WINTER / 35°-45° SUMMER