Country with the multiple landscapes, Peru will surprise you as well by his cultural diversity as its natural wealth. Lima capital in attractive Cusco, via the sites incas of the Crowned Valley, the mythical Lake Titicaca, or Cordillera Blanca in Arequipa, your travel to Peru rich in will be discovered and adventures. Lima, the capital, will mark you by its animated streets, its monuments, its coloured colonial center and its accessible population, without forgetting its local markets like that of Pisaq.  In Arequipa, you will admire the size of the Canyon of Colca and its natural wealths. To have an outline on the pre-Incas vestiges and of the dune landscapes, direction the Pacific Coast. Do not fail to remain with the mythical lake Titicaca, without forgetting Cusco, classified with the heritage of UNESCO, whose visit combines particularly well with the Incas sites of the Crowned Valley and Machu Picchu celebrates it.


The pre-Columbian civilisations, whose last, the INCA Empire, left very visible traces and preserved generally well, that it acts of vestiges of cities and temples or of objects of the daily newspaper (ceramic, tools, jewelry, etc). To go in the traces of Incas on the way which goes up in Machu Picchu is a travel in the really exceptional past, the point of organ of any stay in Peru! The heritage of these civilisations is perceptible still today in the culture, the folklore and the beliefs (for example, the worship in Pachamama, goddess of the Earth, mix with the catholic rites).

Beyond its past, the characteristic of Peru is the diversity of its landscapes: sand desert and dunes on the coast, volcanos and eternal snow in the virgin forest and Andes cordillera in the Amazonian basin… The playing fields are numerous for the adventurers! Lastly, one should not set out again of Peru without to have tasted some of the 1,500 species of potatoes, a good steak of LAMA and of course, a skewer of cuy (giant guinea-pig)!

Culture & Traditions


Along the Brazilian border and to the foot of the Cordillera the Peruvian part of Amazonia is. Though difficult to reach, the virgin forest shelters an exceptional biodiversity and marvelously preserved – the efforts of most courageous will be rewarded!


The lake Titicaca is a wonder natural not to miss. Perched with 3.812m of altitude, he is discovered in boat and through his many floating islands. Matrix of the universe according to the beliefs incas, this water supply point scintillating is the most navigable lake of the world, Discover Puno, dynamic port city before continuing your travel.


To 20 km north of the small town of Nazca, in full desert, one of greatest archaeological mysteries of the world is the: géoglyphes of animals going back more than 15 centuries. It is necessary to take height to observe the immense shapes of monkey, lizard, condor or hummingbird traced on the ground. It is possible to observe the lines since a watchtower, but the best means of having a complete outline is to fly over them in the small private plane. As for the reason for which these lines were traced, the debate is always of news.


City lost par excellence, Machu Picchu is revealed in an unreal decoration and yet more spellbinding. You will be conquered by the beauty of these places, appearing besides among most spectacular of South America. Ancient fortress, mysterious city or impenetrable sanctuary, Machu Picchu are a remarkable site which attracts nearly 450000 visitors a year. Registered to the world heritage of UNESCO, Machu Picchu invites you to a total expatriation with its city of limestone established in full heart of the Amazonian jungle. In the surroundings, the excursions quite as exceptional with their landscapes of are dreamed and their spectacular panoramas.


The climate of Peru strongly differs according to the areas. On the coasts, the climate is moderate and the temperatures are mild the winter and heats the summer. In the Amazonian basin the climate tropical, it is made hot and wet there. Then finally, in the Andes cordillera, the climate is mountain dweller, it made dry and cold there.

25°-30° SUMMER / 15°-20°C WINTER