Small country wedged in the middle of two giants, Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is not less one entity except for whole. If its economy and its history merge with those of the frontier countries, Uruguay can praise itself to have a capital, Montevideo, with a cultural and artistic offer important. Away from Montevideo, the travellers will be able to discover wild beaches, a natural environment and the famous interior grounds where the Gauchos live, these guards of cattle. There are no inevitably enormously sites of international scale or stunning ruins but rather of pretty corners natural to discover. In Uruguay, it is necessary to take its time and to benefit from small moments shared with the local population, very far from the fury of the other countries of the continent. It is necessary to come to lose themselves in the meanders of the rivers, to traverse wild extents with horse and to impregnate very cosmopolitan culture. A resolutely family destination where it makes good things in life.


All small country of the South of the Latin America, Uruguay suffers a little being wedged between its two large neighbors: Argentina and Brazil. Uruguay is visited indeed less and less known than these two countries. However, if one takes the trouble to come to see this country, one discovers a splendid territory combining of the paradisiac wild coasts and the interior plains full with charm. It is indeed inside the country that the visitor will be able to discover the true life of the Gauchos, these guards of cattle who furrow the wild extents on the back of horse. On your road, the estancias tighten you the arms to spend one night at the inhabitant and to meet the buildings. To spend a few days in these green plains will give the impression to you to be a real Gaucho, a cowboy of South American.

While moving away to the east and the west towards the coasts, you will leave to the meeting areas completely different from those from the center from the country. There, the sandy beaches heat and the villages at the picturesque historic centers follow one another, offering a real quality of life to the inhabitants but also to the visitors who remain there. To visit Uruguay, it is thus to leave to the meeting the wild meadows and the littoral to the balneal small stations, without forgetting a turn by the Montevideo capital, full with charm. It is a very sure, quiet and resolutely family destination.

Culture & Traditions


Cousin of the cowboy, the gaucho incarnates the pride, the courage and the love of the freedom of the Uruguyans. Raised with the row of myth this outstanding rider forms integral part of the Uruguyan folklore. 


In Uruguay, the fishing season concentrates around three spots. Along Rio Plata, between Colonia and Piriàpolis as in Punta Del Este which is famous to be one of the best places to fish in the whole world. The in love ones with sport fishing will not be disappointed by the travel.


A stay in Uruguay is also the occasion to slacken at the edge of water on one of the beaches of the country. Uruguay has more than 600 kilometers of coast of which many islands. After having visited the Uruguyan grounds, a small balneal bracket is what it is done of better.


Uruguay does not have less about ten spas! Between salt water, fresh water, bucolic, pastoral environment or palm trees, you have only to make your choice. Slacken in this water going of 34 with 42°. Discover in particular the termas del San Nicanor, del Guaviyu, del Almiron, of Salto Large, del Arapey and del Dayman.


Uruguay has a wet subtropical climate which makes the mild summers hot and winters. Precipitations are rather strong all the year. From January to May, the littoral has a rather mild maritime climate, because of the hot current coming from Brazil. From June to September, water is colder because of the cold current coming from the Falkland Islands. 

15°-20° WINTER / 30° SUMMER