A travel to Abu Dhabi will hold for you many surprises. Abu Dhabi is the new spot cultural, sporting and connected Arabic peninsula. At the time of a travel to Abu Dhabi, you will be astonished by the variety by the landscapes and the activities suggested. In the city, scrapes-ciels and traditional houses mix with in all coherence, of the increasingly luxurious hotels come out, and especially a pharaonic project is transforming this city with the doors of the desert into an international cultural capital. That it is for the project of Louvre Abu Dhabi, the Guggenheim Museum or the éco-city of Masdar, more the great architects answered the call to create a innovating and futuristic pole of culture.


Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate of the federation of the 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates.  This state of Occidental Asia, which shares its borders with Saudi Arabia in south-west and Oman in the East and the North-East, is in the peninsula of Arabia at the edge of the Persian Gulf. The town-planning schemes are completely different from its neighbor Dubai; the turns always are very spaced and the traditional districts were preserved. Many events follow one another throughout the year in order to always offer a good occasion to you to go there, to go back there for a few days or to make stopover before continuing your travel to Oman, the Maldives or elsewhere in Asia.

Abu Dhabi invested much in the field cultural. In particular in the construction of appendices of Louvre and Guggenheim. But if you want only nature, you will be able ressourcer in the oases of the desert, to benefit from white sand and warm water of 200 natural islands and to even make a safari. To Abu Dhabi all is possible and especially it what you did not expect!

Culture & Traditions


The Great Mosque Sheikh Zayed, one of most spectacular in the world with its 57 domes can accommodate up to 40,000 faithful. Built completely out of white marble it is truly an architectural treasure out of commun run. You will find there the largest Persian carpet of the world as well as the largest candlestick. You will be able to visit this mythical place of the Sunday to Thursday, out of time of prayers.


The goal of Abu Dhabi is to become a cultural capital with international radiation. For that, projects are in hand, in particular the construction of appendices of the famous museums of Louvre as well as that of Guggenheim. They make both part of the cultural district of the island of Saadiyat (the island of happiness). These two museums are high points of the culture in the whole world.

Abu Dhabi Islands

Abu Dhabi counts a multiplicity of islands. Accessible by plane or boat, benefit from a range of leisures, energy of the entertainment to the culture via the sandy beaches, the sanctuaries for wild animals and the villas of luxury.


Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Of share the proximity with the other states, majestic Abu Dhabi is the ideal starting point to visit the other Emirates. You will be able for example to visit the strong old men of the Emirates of Ajman and Fujaïrah, to go to bathe you in the sources of Ras Al-Khaïmah, to go on the island of Al Sinniyah in Umm Al- Quwaïn and of course to admire the architectural prowesses of Dubai the futuristic one. Concerning the landscapes, the State de Charjah will leave you stops-bée.


The best period to discover Abu Dhabi is from October to May. However the city is worth visiting all the year if you do not fear strong heats. The highest temperatures are indexed from June to September, they can reach 50°.

20°-25° WINTER / 35°-50° SUMMER
Abu dhabi