This country will initially allure you by the incredible kindness of its population. And then they are its landscapes, its cities and its villages constellated with thousands of temples to the sparkling stupas, giant Buddhas lying or sat, hundreds of monks to the dress saffron testifying to immense Buddhist enthusiasm to the Burmeses who will accompany you throughout your travel. Where that your eye goes, it will always have in its field of view a stupa sparkling of gilding.


This enthusiasm is at the origin of the most astonishing monuments of the country: the majestic Shwedagon pagoda in Rangoon, almost 3000 temples of the old kingdom of Bagan, the gold rock maintained in the airs thanks to a hair of Buddha, mythical Mandalay and its old royal capitals. It should not be forgotten that Burma it is also 2000 km of coasts with immense white sand beaches where only the rare passage of the oxcarts will be able to disturb your quietude. 

Besides the Burmese majority of stock, Burma counts more than 130 ethnic minorities with which you will have the opportunity of exchanging. Indeed the country being visited still rather little, the Burmeses is always very curious to discuss with the Westerners; that their was interdict during so many years.

Culture & Traditions


Burma is the country of Asia where Buddhist enthusiasm is most palpable. One can then count more than 89% of the Burmese population of this confession. This religion has been adopted within the country for several centuries and one can discover thousands of splendid religious constructions thus there.


Burma offers a wide range of activities. Country of Buddhism, you will be able to devote yourselves to the meditation. In order to visit the country under the best conditions, it is possible to make stroll on the back of elephants, of the montgolfier, the white water rafting and the steam train. For the set ones on culture it is possible to impregnate local culture by taking courses of Burmese cuisine and to be initiated with the practice of the lacquer. Burmese watery fauna is also stunning and deserves to be delayed there. The country has several spots of diving.


The 2170 km long Irrawaddy is the principal waterway of Burma. It shelters the famous dolphin of Irrawaddy, close cousin of the orc. This river is of great importance because the majority of the Burmese population lives in the catchment area of Irrawaddy and there remains the main axis between the important cities. To visit Burma, OR' STANDARDS proposes a cruising along this mythical river to you. An occasion to discover the many Burmese wonders from another point of view.


Flat Bagan it with the 3000 temples extends in a plain on the banks from Irrawady, it is one of the Buddhist sites most spellbinding of Asia. Between the 11th century and the 14th century, Bagan becomes a very active hearth of Buddhism (Mahayana, originating in Bengal). The architects and the inhabited artists of an immense enthusiasm competed of creativity to build hundreds of temples and monasteries. In all they are almost 2500 temples dispersed out of 27 km2.


Mainly three seasons ago in Burma. Monsoon, energy of the end of May to November which is accompanied by strong rains. The dry season extends from November to February with temperatures lower than the rest from the year. Lastly, a heat dries is spread on the country of the month from November to May.

20° WINTER / 35°-40° SUMMER
+4h30 SUMMER/ +5H30 WINTER

Form your trip

The stages

A travel in Burma, famous Myanmar since 1989, will transport you in an atmosphere where culture and traditions occupy an important place in a country which counts more than 100 ethnos groups. Burma it is a travel through its Rangoon capital and its pagoda Shewdagon, Bago and its giant Buddhas, Bagan and its thousands of pagodas and stuccoed brick stupas, in Kyaiktiyo, the enormous rock in balance covered with gold sheets, or the triangle of gold, mountain region and of tropical forests inhabited by ethnos groups of very different origins, the Lake Inlé on which live more than one hundred thousand inthas, ethnos group having completely domesticated its environment, or the old royal capital of Mandalay…