A trip to Dubai is an astonishing experiment. Do you imagine highest world tour, of the hotels which compete to offer to their customers greatest comfort and of the services out of commun run, of the souks abounding in gold, the malls sheltering of the hundreds of shops of luxury? You are not very far, but Dubai it is also a desert of sand and opportunity of trying out the life of the Bedouins for a few hours or a few days in campings worthy of Thousand and One Nights. They are also mountains for excursions and bathes in the canyons. In spite of her modernity, Dubai knew to preserve her traditions, and of the museums, sheltered in old houses, report the history of the emirates.


Dubai, the old small fishing port to the doors of the desert, became one of the cities more exciting world where each hour perhaps occupied by a different experiment. You will be able to attend matches of sports shirt on the back of camels, to ski, to plunge on an artificial reef, to dine in spangled restaurants, to benefit from the spas or simply to bask in the sun on the sandy beaches in hotels where luxury and services exceed all the standards. Large art galleries contemporary settled these last years and Art Dubaï became the largest international exhibition of the area.

The other facet of Dubai, it is her attachment with the Eastern traditions like the art of hawking or the races of camels. The neighbourhoods of Creek kept an authentic Eastern atmosphere with the passage of the boutres and the souks with their so characteristic spice odors. Dubai is also the paradise of the children and the sportsmen. Between a multiplicity of water activities, giant aquariums and theme parks, golfs of international repute, each family member will find the activity which it likes. A trip to Dubai is a scientist mixes between desert, mountain, sea and ultra urban luxury. 

Culture & Traditions


In the past, Dubai was exclusively populated Bedouins who nourissaient themselves of dates, of meat as well as milk of dromedary. Following globalization, Dubai became one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. That feels in its kitchen. The latter is mainly influenced by the Lebanese cuisine and Morrocan woman. Moreover Emiratis use many spices.


Burj Khalifa Dubai and its 900 meters are the highest tower in the world. With its 160 stages it is the undeniable symbol of the disproportion of Dubai. If you do not have the giddiness, you will have the opportunity of going up in the turn in order to eat in one of the restaurants and to discover a unspoilable view on the city since a platform. The rest of the tower is occupied by apartments of luxury as well as a hotel.


At the time of your stay in Dubai if you do not have the opportunity of sleeping with the Atlantis hotel, you will be able nevertheless to visit it. Indeed, this hotel is a city in the city, with its 3000 rooms it is with the image of local disproportion. Concerning the activities, the hotel proposes to swim with the dolphins, of going to the meeting of the sea lions, the lines and the sharks. Will find there moreover you one of most beautiful the aquarium of the world where it is possible to make diving. For the children, their happiness will be done in the water park with its immense toboggans.


This de luxe hotel in the shape of veil of boat is the only hotel seven stars in the world! With its 321 meter altitudes, this hotel is undoubtedly the building more photographed of Dubai. Snuffed place of the rich businessmen and large the tankers, this de luxe hotel profits from 202 continuations in duplex, 2 continuations of luxury like two top-of-the-range restaurants. Located on an artificial island, it is interdict with the non-residents to penetrate there except for if you book to drink a tea.


The best period to discover Dubai east from October to May. However the city is worth visiting all the year if you do not fear strong heats. The highest temperatures are indexed from June to September, they can reach 50°.

20°-25° WINTER / 35°-50° SUMMER
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