A travel to Bali and in Indonesia in a general way, is the occasion to traverse various islands and to be able to combine sport, relaxation and culture within an exceptional framework. Make a stay in Bali and discover its volcanos, its rice plantations and its coasts favourable with surfing and the diving. Moreover, also discover its artisanal, artistic and religious traditions. Make stopover in the island of Java and let you surprise by its incredible volcanos or its Buddhist unit “Borobudur” dating from the 9th century registered with the world heritage from UNESCO. Discover the island of Sumatra, its volcanos and its lakes. And finally discover Komodo and its mythical dragons.


This archipelago of more than 17,000 islands shelled in the middle of the Indian Ocean is a true mosaic of people and ethnos groups where mix with Moslem, Christian, Buddhist, hindouists and animists. Each one lives there at its rhythm, of most traditional with most frantic. For the visitor, it is as many cultures to be discovered, which can give the impression to you to make several travel in only one while attending a show of traditional dance to Bali, with a funerary ceremony in Toraja country in Célèbes, by visiting the incredible Buddhist temple of Borobudur on the island of Java, or while leaving to the meeting the Dani people to New Guinea.

Beyond this rich cultural heritage, it is also an absolutely spectacular nature which expects you in this country with the extraordinary biodiversity as well in terms of fauna as of flora. There is for all the tastes and all the types of holiday makers: the remarkable wealth of the seabeds attracts the plungers of the whole world, the volcanos of the east of Java offer beautiful excursions to the superb panoramas, the paradisiac beaches compete of beauty, the jungle shelters orangs-outans, dragons of Komodo and other animals of most exotic, and the rice plantations are true havens of peace in which it is good to be trotted.

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The island of Komodo has 5700 “dragons of Komodo”. These giant lizards, of the family of the monitors, being able to measure up to 3 meters length and to weigh a hundred kilos, are the largest reptiles of the world. Such an amount of their aspect which them aggressive behavior (they can attack stags, buffaloes or even with the human ones) their was worth this nickname of “dragons of Komodo”. The monitors evolve in a made natural environment of mangrove swamp and savanna. This species lives only on this island.


The islands Gili, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno are small islands with broad of Lombok bordered of white sand and palm trees. You will be able to reach them in boat and to spend one day to admire the seabeds made up of tortoises, sharks, hippocampi, lines manta and tropical fish benches. You will be able to discover a sanctuary for tortoises with Gili Meno where the babies are nourished for eight month before being slackenings at sea.


The sites of diving in Indonesia appear among most beautiful of the world. The site of Komodo for example attracts a multiplicity of sharks, of lines manta and dolphins. The archipelago of Derawan is the ideal place to admire benches of barracudas and sharks fox. Pulau Weh will enable you to observe closely one of the largest marine mammals, the shark whale. The tropical fishes also took possession of several wrecks in Indonesian water. An incredible diversity!


Indonesia makes it possible to the travellers to carry out a multiplicity of activities. For the sportsmen and the set ones on strong feelings, this country is famous everywhere in the world for its spots of surfing. Moreover, descents in white water rafting with Kalimantan and excursion in the volcanos are possible. The in love ones with the animals will be able to go to the meeting of the monkeys, the elephants and the monitors on the island of Komodo. Lastly, many temples, mosques, and villages will make exceptional cultural visits.


The climate is hot, tropical and wet all the year on most of the country. However monsoon lasts from November to April.

25°WINTER / 30°-35° SUMMER
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