Japan is an archipelago made up of 4 main islands (Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu) and more than 4,000 secondary islands which extend in arc of a circle between the east from the continent of Asia and the North-West from the Pacific Ocean. In the imaginary collective, Japan is as well the country of the geishas out of kimono as of the cherry trees in flowers, the robots that samurais, or zen gardens that mangas. As many sentimental pictures which are not enough to describe this attractive country whose contrasts will disarm and intrigue all the visitors. The national sports like the sumo and martial arts compete today with baseball and football. Between attractive cities, pictorial landscapes and vibrating culture, each route is the occasion to be filled with wonder, to be astonished and to grow rich. And to slacken with the Japanese woman, nothing is worth a meeting of relieving in one of the 27,000 onsens, these thermal warm water baths, inherited the volcanic past of the country.


To go to Japan, it is above all to travel in time: at the point in the field as of new technologies and of the futuristic innovations, the country of the rising sun however preserves its traditions and its values of yesteryear. Economic super power, the archipelago which counts nearly 7,000 islands and small islands is the country of the ultramodern big cities – whose Tokyo capital is the most famous example –, but also of the grandiose landscapes. Mountainous country with the many volcanos, like the famous Mount Fuji, it also counts two large plains on the island of Honshu (Kanto and Kansai), as well as superb littorals. Benefit from all these natural beauties, a bath in one of the multiples onsen (spas) of the country, and take the time to discover its very rich cultural heritage, with its about fifteen sites registered with the Heritage of UNESCO. You in Kyoto, the city-museum walk, between its some 2,000 temples and sanctuaries shintoïstes, you collect in front of the dome commemorative of Hiroshima, ski on the snow-covered mounts of Hokkaido, explore the animated streets of Tokyo or the tropical jungle of Iriomote-Jima… The list of all that makes the beauty and the originality of the archipelago is far from being exhaustive and the best means of learning how to know this surprising country is still to discover it by yourself.

Japan is a destination which reveals with its visitors a rich face of the many stereotypes, bubbling streets of Tokyo to the peaceful sanctuaries of Kyoto via the cherry trees which open out at the bottom of Fuji mount. But beyond these sentimental pictures, the country of the rising sun is a harmonious meeting between the thousand-year-old traditions and modernity. The cultural calendar is marked out many traditional festivals, but also by demonstrations dedicated to high technology; costume-puts on a tie workers slices with the traditional behaviour of the geishas, and the eccentricity of the young people who are inspired considerably by the mangas. A travel to Japan also constitutes an unforgettable gastronomical escapade. If each area has its speciality, the Japanese in common have the love of an at the same time healthy and tasty kitchen, with a dominating place for rice and fish.

Culture & Traditions


Emblême of Japan, the geishas intrigue much by their mysterious side. The training of art geisha is done only with Kyoto and what a art! The geishas are women of company, but are also regarded as artists. They must control traditional art to perfection like knowing to dance and play of an instrument. Their posture as their attitude must be irreproachable.


National sport of Japan, the Sumo is a kind of fight inspired of the Shintoïstes principles. To the image of football in Brazil, the sumo is followed with enthusiasm leaves most Japanese. Indeed, it is the only sport diffused live in primetime. If your stay in Japan does not coincide with one of the six annual tournaments of the country, do not hesitate to attend the daily trainings of the sumos.


The Japanese cuisine becomes increasingly consumed and appreciated in the world. Your stay in Japan will be a stay of as much discovered for your spirit that for your papillae. Each area with its speciality. Impossible to pass beside soups, of the sushi, the skewers, will tempuras, noodles as well as tea.


After having visited the Japanese big cities such as Tokyo, leave on a tour of local nature. The country has many national parks where you will be able to see lakes, waterfalls, volcanos, sources of warm waters, bears, whales, bald people mouse and much more…


5°- 10° WINTER / 25°- 30° SUMMER

Form your trip

The stages

Before tasting with the rich Japanese gastronomy, it is of rigour to visit fascinating it fish market of Tsukiji, guarantor of the freshness and the diversity of the seafoods which use the composition of the dishes. With the flowering of the plum trees and cherry trees, between February and April, parks like Tamagawadai, Rikugien or Koishikawa relative of a bright color which gives to the places a vision.