A customized trip to Laos, old kingdom of the “Million elephants”, will enchant you by the wild landscapes of mountains where always ethnos groups live which did not succumb yet to the factitious charms of the “civilisation”. To travel to Laos, it is also to discover the beauty of its temples and the splendour of the vestiges of these old kingdoms. With chance, you will be able to see rare wild animals such as the gibbons, the tigers or the leopards longibandes which live in the protected areas.


With less than 7 million inhabitants for a surface equivalent to half of France, Laos is a peaceful country where the inhabitants with the strong Buddhist tradition will accommodate you with the smile while keeping a certain reserve. The “kingdom of the million elephants” was one of the richest States of the Southeast Asia of 15th at the 17th century before falling under the supervision from the close kingdoms. Old French protectorate, Laos kept multiple architectural and cultural traces of this period. Many colonial buildings with the Mediterranean style were preserved and restored, the rod and the crescents are almost everywhere and French remains the second official language.

Its architectural heritage is of a great wealth with in particular, the town of Luang Prabang classified with the World heritage of UNESCO with its delicate temples and its preserved colonial buildings, the Vientiane capital with the provincial charm or Vat Phou, treasure of the Khmer art. Immense karstic peaks falling into Mekong, the “4,000 islands” in the south or the rapids impressive of If Phan Gift are to be cut the breath.

Culture & Traditions


The Buddhist lesson strongly influenced the life of the Laotian people. The temples have many furnace bridges on which the believers deposit various offerings like incense, candles or buttons of flowers of lotus. They bring also food for the monks and the nuns of the temple. In exchange, the latter lavish advices to help to face the various events of the life. Forts of their religious convictions, most Laotians at least once decide in their life to become monks.


Mekong is in the middle of the life of the Laotians. De Luang Prabang, classified with the World heritage of UNESCO in the 4000 islands, a cruising with the wire of Mekong will enable you to connect the most beautiful sites of the country. With the wire of the river, you will discover intact forests, fishing villages, and much more. This cruising is the means of discovering this beautiful country under the best conditions and of benefitting from the peaceful atmosphere which reigns around this river. 


The 4000 islands of Laos form an archipelago in Mekong.  To a certain place of Mekong, the distance between banks extends and reaches 14 kilometers of width. Following monsoon, most of water is withdrawn and of the thousands of islands and small islands appear. True haven of peace, the atmosphere is slackened there and the very cordial inhabitants. You will live to the rhythm of the local life and you will let impregnate by the Laotian habits.



These 450 caves sheltered initially the leaders of target Pathet Lao of assassinations in Vientiane in 1963, then the villagers took refuge there during the war of the Viêt - Nam. They sheltered to 23,000 people who organized in the caves of true villages with markets, hospitals, emergency rooms to shelter the chiefs of the politburo of the chemical attacks.


25°-30° WINTER / 35° SUMMER