If Malaysia, one of the 4 “tigers” of Asia, makes known itself on the international scene for its fast economic development, these are especially the adventurous spirits that it will attract. Country of legends, it will bring happiness holiday makers having the heart of an Indiana Jones, and envies it to furrow the jungle on the trail of famous headhunters in Borneo, or in search of the nasic orang outan or of the monkey in one of the many national parks of the country. The visitors will be able to also benefit from the paradisiac islands of the country to make scuba diving, to visit the colonial cities of Malacca and George Town, to walk between the plantations of tea of Cameron Highlands, where to go up at the top of the Petronas turns to Kuala Lumpur. A destination of dreamed, between the most wild, capital nature modern, colonial counters and white sand beaches!


Malaysia, country of almost 330,000 km2, is divided into two quite distinct parts which the China Sea separates on a few 800 km from width. On a side, peninsular Malaysia, Western part, where 85% of the population and the essence of the economic activity of the country concentrate. All in contrasts, the colonial buildings mix with the turns highest of the world, the temples Hindu and Chinese cohabit with the mosques of the Malayan Muslims. This ethnic mixing being also translated in the gastronomy, and the economic development of the coast which mixes with the preserved nature which recovers mountains in the middle of the peninsula.

Other, Eastern Malaysia, which occupies one the northern third of the large island of Borneo, has land borders with Thailand in its Western part and Indonesia and Brunei in Borneo. Less populated, less developed, this part of the country is mainly occupied by the equatorial jungle in which live ethnic tribes, animal and exotic plants.

Culture & Traditions


The orangs-outans are monkeys in process of extinction and Malaysia has one of the four reserves of safeguarding of the species in the world. Sepilok Orang-Utan Center Rehabilitation is located in the tropical forest of Kabili-Sepilok. A stay in Malaysia will be the occasion for you to admire these large monkeys in their natural space while learning how to preserve them.


Malaysia offers a large range of exceptional landscapes. You will be able to admire the crystalline water bordered of white sand where a multiplicity of fishes open out. While returning in the grounds, you will be able to devote yourselves to the excursion and to impregnate you alleviating atmosphere of the tropical forest.  Lastly, you will be able to remain amazed in front of panoramas to cut the breath while going up on the mountains of the country.    


Several dances practised by the people of Malaysia are originating in different countries. For example, the Dance of spring comes from China and Joget of Portugal. To the sound of counted and other musical instruments, a dancer carries out the choreography of Bharata Natyam, an Indian dance. As for Tarian, this choreography is carried out by two gracious dancers who hold of the saucers with lit candles. Each area of Malaysia has also its own repertoire of dances. Thus, Otar Gayong-Otar dances himself especially in the State de Terengganu, Ngajat is that of the ethnos group of Sarawak and Sumazau of the Kadazan-Dusun community. 


Malaysia is an excellent destination for in love ones with the diving. Indeed, it profits from an accessibility, reasonable prices and site varied. Adapted to the confirmed plungers and the initial plungers, the diving in Malaysia is generally carried out since a boat. Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Redang, Pulau Tioman, the archipelago of Seribuat and Pulau Sipadan will enable you to plunge in crystalline water to admire a varied watery fauna (barracudas, lines, shark-whales, hammerheads, tortoises, groupers, fishes tropical, octopuses blue, morays, hippocampi, let us diodons and much more…)


Because of proximity of the country with the equator, the Malayan climate is uniformly very hot and very wet all the year. Moreover, two monsoons are not particularly marked.

20°-25° WINTER / 30°-35° SUMMER
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The travel in Malaysia it is the discovery of a world shared between modernity and tradition. Architectural and cultural contrast is seizing, of highest the world tours to the colonial buildings, of the ultramodern buildings, with the mosques and Buddhist temples, the past and the future mix with in a way surprising in Malaysia. The interior of the country offers a preserved nature, while the coasts and the islands offer beaches and seabeds appearing among most famous of the world. Your travel in Malaysia will inevitably lead you to discover Kuala Lumpur, true mixture of colonial influences. You will be able to also make stay with Sabah or to discover the national park of Kinabalu, hot springs of Poring, or the islands of the park Tunku Abdul Rahman and their coral reef.