Old commercial crossroads between China and India, Nepal is the perfect destination for the travellers in search of peace and of big spaces. Most adventurous will start a trekking to the base camp of the Everest accompanied by famous Sherpas which counts among the friendliest people of the world. The set ones on cultures them, will be able suivrent the pilgrims in their religious tour and outward journey with the meeting of the Nepalese people. Moreover, Nepal makes it possible to the travellers to admire the rhinoceroses unicornes.


Long strip of land wedged between China in north and India in the south, Nepal offers to the travellers and to adventurers of many exceptional sites. You will be able to stroll on the medieval places bordered of temples with Katmandou, Patan or Bhaktapur or to join to you to the parikrama (ceremonial circuit) Buddhist pilgrims around Stupas (Buddhist structures accommodating of the relics of Buddha) giant scattered in the valley of Katmandou.

The medieval villages of the valley seem not to have changed since centuries and the inhabitants will accommodate you with open arm. After you to be impregnated Buddhist enthusiasm in the temples with the delicate sculptures or on the birthplace of the Buddha with Lumbini and to taste the delicious momos (raviolis with the vapor), you will be able to leave to the adventure on the back of elephant in greatest nature reserve the country in search of rhinoceros unicorne or the tigers. The amateurs of ornithology will be surprised by the number and the wealth of the species present at Nepal.

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In Nepal, the Rhinoceros unicorne lives in the meadows of Teraï, in particular in the valley of Chitwan. These endangered species are victim of the poaching. In spite of the programs of reintroduction, their number remains relatively low and the majority of the species lives in the National park of Chitwan.


Dominated by the Everest, plus high summit of the world, the chain of the Himalayas extends on 7 different countries (Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, China, India, Pakistan and Nepal). In Nepal, the Himalayas make it possible most adventurous in the physical fine shape to undertake trekkings in order to discover grandiose landscapes. The most known trekkings are that of the turn of Annapurnas, that of the National park of Langtang, that of the base camp of the Everest… Always accompanied by a sherpa, you will live an experiment OR' NORMES.


To carry out a safari under the best conditions, the national park of Chitwan proposes safaris on the back of elephant. The animals tend to be much less timorous with the approach of an elephant than to the approach of a jeep. You will be likely also much more to see rhinoceroses.


The majority of the Nepalese population is of Hindu confession.  The Nepalese territory is strewn with many temples which show large the devotion of the local people. These places are favourable with the meditation for Sadhus. These “wise” decided to give up any attachment and traverses the various holy places of Nepal. They are dissociated from the local population by their long and dishevelled hair, and their coated face of dyeing. Some go even until covering their body with ash, in tribute to Shiva. This crowned place is also the place where at the same time several ritual specific to the Hindu religion are held.


Nepal knows one season dries from October to May and a monsoon from June to September. The most favourable period for the trekking is from October to November.

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