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Few places on ground knew to preserve intact their beauty and their natural charm through the centuries. Old Burma, known today under the name of Myanmar, made in this respect figure of exception. Burma offers all the traditional beauties of Asia in only one attractive country. Virgin forests, mountains with the covered with snow summits, beaches sublimes, scented temples combined with a rich person and glorious old heritage of more than two thousand years. The spectacular monuments and the ancient cities attest of a vibrating culture always present among the 135 ethnic groups which compose the country. Where that you combine in Myanmar, that it is in river cruising on the Irrawaddy river or by flying over the ancient city of Bagan in the montgolfier, or to seek the tiger with the improbable appearance on the back of elephant, you will always have this feeling of adventure.

 Road To Mandalay proposes to you to leave on a tour of incomparable treasures this country fascinating and still secret. To leave in tour along Irrawaddy is a single and unforgettable experiment. This majestic river which crosses the country of north to south reveals on its banks of the treasures hidden a long time with the eyes moreover world.


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