A trip to Singapore will plunge you in the middle of a business center of first order, but also in the middle of a high place of shopping and relaxation. The districts of Chinatown and Little India expect you with their religious buildings and their museums. City-state where the influences of the East and the Occident mix with modernity as with the tradition, Singapore is an exotic jewel in the middle of a tropical environment and a cosmopolitan city with the variegated districts. Leave to Singapore during a few days for a total expatriation, then fly away for a true cultural shock towards Malaysia and more particularly the State de Sarawak and its jungle. A circuit of a great wealth which will enable you to discover on an only one journey of many facets of Asia.


Singapore is an island of approximately 700 km2, located at the south of the Malayan peninsula to which it is connected by 2 bridges. Apart from its main island Pulau Ujong, the territory of Singapore is also extended to a small chain of about sixty islands. “Small Switzerland of Asia” is a clean, rich and modern city-State, where all functions quickly and well. Some will reproach him its asepticized side, when others particularly appreciate the luxury and the comfort of this destination where more the Grand Hotels and more the international famous brands settled.

All however will certainly appreciate to let itself disorientate while walking in the various very animated ethnic districts city like Little India or Chinatown, to sip a cocktail at the edge of a swimming pool in one of the luxurious hotels which border the marina, to make the shops with Orchard Road, to take a good fresh air in the botanical garden or to taste with the culinary specialities of all Asia in one of the many gourmet restaurants of the city.

Culture & Traditions

Even if Singapore is famous to be a city with large the buildings, forests tropical is with its accesses. At the time of your stay, you will have the possibility of going to the meetings of the animals and wild nature in the nature reserve of Bukit Timah, in MacRitchie Tank like in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.


Singapore forms a cultural melting-pot rising from the multitude of communities which compose its population. Immigrants coming from the adjoining countries like India, Malaysia, China but also of Occident brought their culture to Singapore. If want an illustration of this diversity, visit the Indian and Chinese districts.


Even if the Singaporean beaches do not make dream the travellers, the Lazarus island and Sister' S Islands have water clearer than the other islands. They have even a coral reef which attract the plungers. A small bracket of rest far from the big city.



The climate is relatively constant all the year: the weather is hot and wet, often between 25°C and 35°C. The day generally alternates between sun and torrential downpours.

25°WINTER / 30°-35° SUMMER
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