This magic island has temples registered with the heritage of UNESCO but also of the paradisiac beaches as well as spectacular landscapes. You will be able to swim in the middle of the dolphins, to observe the whales and the large cachalots or to make a safari in the middle of the elephants in the large parks of the South. The sportsmen will be able to practise the diving, surfing, the kite surfing or the excursion in the plantations of tea. Where quite simply to put back you in hotels which combine colonial charm and great luxury.


Located at only 30 km of the Indian coasts, this magic island, important hearth of radiation of Buddhism has kilometers of wild beaches, a sublime nature with national parks which compete with the large African parks for the observation of the elephants and not less than seven sites registered with the world heritage of humanity like that of Anuradhapura, first capital of the island. The interior of the country lends itself to splendid excursions within the plantations of tea or in parks in search of wild animals and of multicoloured birds.

Sri Lanka does not count less about thirty bank holidays a year, during which are celebrated the festivals as well Buddhist, which Hindu, Christian or Moslem. The festival of Vesak Poya proceeds during two days, and commemorates at the same time the birth, the awakening and the death of Buddha. As for the Pongal Thai, it is a Hindu celebration given in honour of God of the Sun, Surya.

Culture & Traditions


After having visited the grounds, you will be able to pass a balneal stay on the paradisiac beaches of Mirissa. Its water contains an extremely rare natural treasure. The large cachalot! This last joined the blue whale recently, and it is now the best place to observe this specimen. The large cachalot can measure up to 20 meters and weigh up to 15,000 kg.


Tea and one of the principal products of export of Sri Lanka. The plantations of tea especially present on the Sri Lankian top-plates points out the old British presence. The British brought of India the Tamil population as from the 19th century like labour to maintain these plantations. The Tamil ones still populate these grounds. At the time of excursions, you will be able to visit several plantations and factories of tea and to go to the meeting of these people.


Located on the highlands Sri Lankian close to Kegalle, the government with created an orphanage for the elephants in order to save the abandoned or orphan individuals. You will be able to thus approach the pachyderms which are supervised by their mahout. The orphanage counts about sixty boarders of which several elephant calves.


Adam' S Peak, or the Peak of Adam, is one of the most extraordinary mountains of Sri Lanka. Its top, having the clean form of a print of step, culminates with 2,243 meter altitudes. It owes its name with its reputation which says that it is the place where Adam has to pose feet on the ground after being driven out paradise. This place became a mythical place of pilgrimage for several populations. Indeed, the Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Buddhist undertake the rise of the mountain in order to discover at the top a cavity of two meters which is supposed being the print of step of Buddha, Adam or Shiva.


Sri Lanka has a tropical climate with one season dries from December to March and a monsoon from October to January.

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