Forwording in excursion and bivouac of luxury


To go, discover new valleys, to pass the collars, to turn around the mountains with the pilgrims, to cant around a fire, to share the one day stage or the bivouac of one evening with pastors in transhumance, to tie friendships in the villages, to get excited existences met, such are the mobile which carries our steps, and weave an increasingly dense link on this geography Tibetan. The muleteers and carriers communicate with us in the night days before and the rises towards the tops. The race of stars above our heads marks the rhythm of times which the step of our horses answers. This year ORNORMES proposes to you to join an exploration from the village of Nizhu to Yunnan to the majestic crown of Yading in Sichuan. Ten days of caravan with more than ten horses, two “Beautiful tents” arranged in exploration mode.


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