A travel in Tibet is a spiritual and timeless experiment. The Chinese incursion, and all that it generated, will not have succeeded in putting at evil the charm of Tibet. Through the many monasteries, you will find yourselves at the time of your travel in Tibet plunged in the middle as of Buddhist rites. Beyond the heritage and sympathy of the inhabitants, you will be filled with wonder by the beauty at the landscapes at mountain.


With its grandiose landscapes, desert high plateaus with more than 4,000 meter altitudes, lakes with water turquoises and tops vertiginous, Tibet differently called the “Roof of the World” is an aureoled attractive country of mysteries. Tibet has more than 70 tops of 7,000 meters of which the mythical Everest which culminates with 8,848 meters. Its Lhassa capital founded at the 7th century with its old working Tibetan with the medieval charm, covered in mist by smoke of offering is dominated by incredible Potala, the palace of the Dalai Lamas with its 12 stages and its thousands of parts. On the road of the friendship which crosses grandiose landscapes between Lhassa and the base camp of the Everest, you will discover the towns of Shigatse and Gyantse whose charm authenticates will carry you.

In spite of the Chinese invasion of 1950, the Tibetans show a determination with any test to maintain in life their cultural traditions. In the country of the Dalai Lama, where that you are you will cross of the merry pilgrims to actuate the prayer wheels or to achieve will kora it; the ritual circumambulation. This a long time prohibited ground opens little by little to the travellers who want to discover people except for with the traditions out of commun run.

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Tibet is isolated by the chain from the Himalayas. It is not for only this country is called the “Roof of the world”. It is thus the ideal place to carry out trekkings in order to discover its extraordinary landscapes. It is also in Tibet, with the base camp of Rongphu which the approach of the Everest is simplest. Defy more the high summit of the world during your travel in Tibet!


Tibet, with Buddhist confession, is strewn with many monasteries.  It is thought that they are more than 6000. One finds there some of the oldest monasteries in the world of which that of Samye. When you visit the monasteries Tibetans, there are certain rules to respect. First of all, it is necessary to visit them in the direction of the needles of a watch, not to take pictures without permission and to have an adapted behaviour.


The Palace of Potala is by far the most impressive building of Tibet. Located at the neighbourhoods of the capital Tibetan, this palace was formerly the residence of winter of the Dalai Lama as well as the seat of the government. It is composed of the white palace, where was the places of residence of the Dalai Lama and the red palace where proceed the religious activities. This last is composed of various temples and stupas.


In the extreme west of the country, the area called Ngari consists of steppes, deserts, salted lakes and snow-covered tops. Inhabited by nomads and herds of yaks, this area attracts million Buddhist, Hindu pilgrims and jaïns as of old Bön of Tibet which comes to make it will kora (circuit of pilgrimage) around the Kailash mount to delete all their sins. This three days pilgrimage open to any person in physical good condition is an attractive experiment to admire the unreal landscape.




-5° WINTER / 15-20° SUMMER

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