The travel in the Viêt - Nam evokes the Bay of Along, the mountains covered with rice plantations in terrace, the Mekong delta, the deserted beaches but also an attractive culture enriched by the contribution by the various ethnic minorities. At the time of a circuit in the Viêt - Nam you will be able to pass by the old imperial capital of Hooted and its richly decorated temples, the historical capital Hanoi, older capital of South-East Asia or Hô-Chi-Minh-City, ex Saigon, economic capital formerly called “small Paris of the Far East”.


Located east of the Indochinese peninsula, the Viêt - Nam is bordered by China, Laos and Cambodia. Its 3444 km of coasts are bathed by the Gulf of Tonkin, the sea of Chine Méridionale as well as the Gulf of Thailand. This country offers a splendid diversity of landscapes which inspired several writers such as Marguerite Duras. Between rice plantations, white sand beaches and mountains, a stay in the Viêt - Nam will leave you an indelible memory.

Put except for the diversity of the landscapes, the Viêt - Nam has an impressive cultural wealth. Indeed the population Vietnamese is made up of 54 ethnic groups. The Vietnamese soldiers account for 86% of the population. The rest of the population breaks up between Khmers, Chams, Chinese Hoa, Hmong and other mountain ethnos groups. At the time of your stay do not hesitate to go to the meeting of these ethnic minorities to impregnate you with their culture.

Culture & Traditions


According to the legend, a giant dragon would have notched the mountains with its tail and while plunging in the sea, water would have invaded the cracks. What would have created Bay of Along. It is more than 2000 small islands that you will be able to admire at the time of a cruising on bay.


The Viêt - Nam is crossed by the river Mekong, the river with the nine dragons. In order to leave the crammed beaten paths tourists, a cruising along the river is ideal. Mekong is in the middle of the daily life of certain Vietnamese inhabitants. You will be able to then live this experiment closest to the people by visiting the floating fishing villages and markets.


The 86 million Vietnamese inhabitants belongs to 54 different ethnic groups. The ethnic minorities, for the majority live in the mountains where they have their own culture. We find the Khmers originating in Cambodia, Bahnar, Cham Moslem, the Daughter-in-law, Mnong, the Thais, Hmong Flowers as well as Dao Rouges considered for their red turban.


Your stay in the Viêt - Nam is also opportunity of discovering one of the most beautiful gastronomies in the world. The kitchen Vietnamese is famous for the freshness and flavours of its dishes. The food of bases is rice and the nuoc mam (sauce containing fermented fish). At the time of a traditional meal, all the dishes are served at the same time. Here some traditional dishes: Banh Bao (fritters), Pho Bo (soup), Semi Xao (noodles and trimming), Bun Cha (grill), Banh Cuon (raviolis) as well as famous Bo Bun (salad of vermicelli).


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