Germany will make you pass from a mountainous region in the Bavarian Alps or the black forest, to the lake of Constancy separating Germany, Switzerland and Austria, with the very urban areas like Berlin or Hamburg. The visit of Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, will make you cross the history of Europe. Located in Central Europe, Germany is bordered in the North-West by the North Sea and in the North-East by the Baltic Sea. It shares its borders in north with Denmark; in the east with Poland and the Czech Republic; in the south with Austria and Switzerland; in the west with France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands.


Forget your austere image of Germany, and thus leave to discover the coloured frontages of the towns of Bavaria. You will be thus also surprised by the animation which reigns in the capital, considered as one of the most dynamic cities of the world, on the cultural level. Let you invade by the beauty of the Gothic cathedrals and the castles of baroque inspiration which strew the country, before returning in museums which are part of most beautiful world.

Each area of the country has an architecture and traditions which are clean for him, and one takes pleasure in passing from the one to the other, with the impression which one each time changes fatherland. True cosmopolitan and diversified state, Germany also allures by its modernity, and the power of its night life.

Culture & Traditions


Composers and large musicians do not miss in this country where the classical music always has an important place. Such Jean-Sébastien Bach celebrates it, who still marks all the spirits, one finds large Haendel and his Messiah, or Beethoven and his Anthem with the joy.


The Berlin Wall was set up by the German Democratic republic in the night of at August 13th, 1961. The latter thus tried to put an end to the exodus growing of its inhabitants towards the Federal Republic of Germany. It was destroyed November 9th, 1989, after 28 years of magnifestation and fight, causing a sharp emotion in all the country.


Bavaria, called “green lung of the country” abounds in superb landscapes of mountain and lakes which will charm the hikers and the followers of the country holidays. Leave on a tour of castle Louis II, true emblem of Bavaria, or the many baroque churches and the charming medieval small towns.


If the German cuisine is not very known in the rest of the world, it does not remain about it less tasty and particularly convivial. Country of the choucoutre the latter is often sprinkled with a delicious beer, drink national of the country.


0° - 5° WINTER / 15°- 20° SUMMER