A travel in England takes you along to the Kingdom of the queen Elizabeth, with the country where the wheel is on the right and the “tea time” has importance. Located at only about thirty kilometers of the French coasts, England seems to be a perfect destination for vacancies dépaysantes and not very distant. Here, all breathes nature and the cosmopolitanism: of Cornouailles filled with wild sheep to the animated avenues of London, there is for all the tastes.


Hardly the feet posed on this mythical island, one is already allured by the British phlegm of the inhabitants and one lets oneself carry by this territory with the varied heritage and the enthralling history. With nearly 26 sites classified with the world heritage to UNESCO, this destination with the unsuspected charms has what to leave the speechless travellers. Cathedral of Dunham at the spa town of Super, via Stonehenge or the commercial port of Liverpool, all will find their happiness there, and will be let carry by the calm atmosphere and reinvigorating this Great Britain which knew to preserve all its seduction. Nation of the United Kingdom, England extends on 1,000 kms from north to south. Separated from France by the English Channel, it is located at only about thirty kilometers of our coasts. 

Churches, museums, castles, but also footpaths and points of view single in the world, make of Great Britain a ground except for where the tradition flirts with modernity, and where the visitor feels quickly at his place so much the reception is cordial. If the gastronomy frightens you a little, forget your prejudices. Our British friends appear very gifted when it is a question of cooking sugar refineries or to prepare delicious teas with the alleviating virtues. And if you are still not convinced, will know that this multicultural ground abounds in specialities come from the whole world, in particular the Indian cuisine which find representatives of choice here.

Culture & Traditions


Many are the cultural fields in which England illustrated itself with the wire of the centuries. It is thus of the literature with William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, or recently, J.K. Rowling and its Harry Potter. But today, it is by the music that England is expressed on the world cultural scene.



The great moment of the English gastronomy is to taste it or tea time: the English are indeed very gifted with regard to softnesses and other preciousnesses containing chocolate. As of 17:00, the tearooms fill amateurs with scones, biscuits with cinnamon or… of tea of chases!


From 1649, to 1660 following a civil war, England becomes briefly republic. Starting from 1688, many kings and queens follow one another following the example of the Victoria queen or of the King George V. En 1952, Elizabeth, reaches the throne of England. Today and for 63 years, the queen has been at the top of her popularity, and British monarchy remains an approved fundamental institution of all the nation.



With the image of the famous gardener Capability Brown, regarded as “the largest gardener of England” the country counts an incalculable number of parks and gardens open to the public. The discovery of the landscaped gardens to English of the 18th century, the lakes, the immense lawns and the abundant floors of flowers ensures one moment of relaxation without similar.


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