Belgium will surprise you by his wealth so much this country bordering can be different from France. Art occupies there a great importance and the many museums are there to testify some. Architecture is very inspired by the Gothic movement except for some exceptions like Bruges with the romantic variation. A travel in Belgium plunges you in the middle of the European directions. Visit Brussels, seat of the European institutions or Namur, seat of the Walloon Parliament. Stop in Liege for its architectural heritage or Bruges whose historic center is classified with the world heritage of UNESCO. A travel in Belgium will astonish you by his cultural diversity and artistic.


Sheltering the principal institutions of the European Union in Brussels, Belgium is known to be the capital of Europe. Modern and artistic city, Brussels is the first tourist destination of the country. Its many centers of historical and cultural attractions emit a radiation of international scale indeed. Its hundreds of museums, architectural monuments and works of art testify to an authentic folklore and a rich history, with the image of the great men there having lived like Victor Hugo or Karl Marx. But Belgium hiding place many other treasures in its areas of Flandres and Wallonia, as the 11 sites already classified with the World heritage testify some to UNESCO: belfries, cathedrals, museums, historic centers, places and other works architectural. Moreover, Belgium also has a landscape of an exceptional variety. Between discovered and excursions of all kinds – on foot or with bicycle, one can visit there animalist caves, caves, parks, gardens and nature reserves. Without forgetting the Flemish beach, with its fine sand littoral and its seaside resorts of charm to the multiple activities. 

How to speak about Belgium without mentioning its passion for the cartoon, her gastronomical wealth – inter alia its hundreds of beer collections of which famous Pilsner – and its chocolate. Manufactured by more than 500 chocolate sellers and distributed in nearly 2000 shops through the country, the Belgian chocolates are part of the best ambassadors of brand of the country. As many assets which contribute to bring happiness visitors. Vis-a-vis their increasingly massive arrival, Belgium developed a modern infrastructure and a very dense transport network jointly which privileges the accessibility in its urban areas.

Culture & Traditions


Veritable institution, the cartoon allured small and large in the whole world, and continues today to make dream the amateurs of bubbles and stripteases! D' Hergé with Franquin, via Yslaire and Philippe Geluck, band-drawn definitely found in Belgium its noble letters. The country continues to celebrate its heroes, giving birth to a little everywhere on its territory from the museums with glory from Tintin, Lucky Luke or the Sambre family. The capital itself is put at the time of band-drawn, with its street names registered in disseminated bubbles and its frescos a little everywhere.


The Belgian cuisine abounds in delicious dishes which quickly put water at the mouth. It is initially necessary to start with most famous of them: famous mould-French fries. Regarded as the national dish of Belgium, it is impossible to pass to side when one visits the country at the season of the mussel. Not less famous the Waffles of Liege or Brussels will bring happiness the greedy ones. Belgium is also famous for its chocolate, which throws into a panic the papillae of the largest amateurs of softnesses, without forgetting the beer, which one finds between 400 and 800 different varieties in the country.


Meaning “the kid who pisses” as inhabitant of Brussels, it is a bronze fountain-statuette whose origins remain mysterious still today. It represents a little boy urinating. Symbol of the lifestyle of Brussels and guardian of many legends, the statuette of about fifty centimetres height is famous in the whole world. The tradition of the city wants that this statue gets dressed with costumes to honour a trade on special occasions.



Recognized Oral and Immaterial Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2003, the Carnival of Binche is the oldest carnival of Belgium. Being held Fatty Sunday with the Shrove Tuesday, it constitut a true rite which gives the feeling to the participants to be single. During months, the population and the city prepare their carnival, in true communion. It is without any doubt the most important moment in the life of the Binche-native city.