A thing is sure, Croatia will not leave you indifferent. Its Zaghreb capital has an incredible charm with its large cathedral and its many lanes. Not far from there, the Lakes Plitvice classified with the world heritage of UNESCO are a set of 16 lakes connected to each other by waterfalls. At the time of your stay in Croatia, discover the superb town of Dubrovnik surrounded by ramparts with its made houses of pink tiles. Or leave on the island Hvar to the Venetian and baroque influences.


If there is a few years Croatia suffered from a tourist bad image following the war of Balkans, it became today a destination very appreciated in Europe. The country indeed knew to be rebuilt and propose its natural heritage, but so cultural, to attract the visitors of the whole world. The lenient temperatures, the sandy beaches and old architecture are only some examples of the treasures in which this old Yugoslav territory abounds. But you reassure, in spite of the attraction which it causes, Croatia did not yield yet to mass tourism, and you will be able to leave on a tour of this magic country in all peace. Charms of Split to the heritage of Zagreb, you will have all the leisure to appreciate this single history. 

Located at a crossroads between the Central Europe and the Mediterranean, the country knew to mingle the two cultures with wonder all while nourishing exceptional influences with these former invaders like Illyriens, the Venetian ones, the Othomans, the French or the Austrians. All left traces of their passage in Croatia, which emphasize the cosmopolitan side this country to be discovered. The marvellous coast which is bordered of almost 1,185 islands is thus the occasion to leave on a tour of true architectural jewels, of which the city considered as the pearl of the Adriatic: Dubrovnik. Thus forget your prejudices on Croatia and miseries which touched it in the Nineties, for better appreciating these intact natural parks or the heat of people which wants to be accommodating and charmer.


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More than 4000 kilometers of coast, Croatia takes into account 698 islands, 389 small islands and 78 reefs what makes the Croatian archipelago most important of the Adriatic Sea and the more important second of the Mediterranean. Island of Hvar with Krk, via Korcula or the island of Brac, Croatia with what to dazzle its visitors in search of discovered and of nature.


If the folk music and the crafts are very popular in Croatia, it is the literature which is one of the florets of the Croatian culture. Inspired by the Italian Renaissance, the latter exploded on the coast of Dalmatie, with authors like Marko Marulic, truly venerated in his country. The music, the theatre and the dance, are also very popular through many experimental scenes. Croatia is also known for its famous school of the cartoon.




No visitor resists the charm enchanter of the national park of the Lakes Plitvice located in the middle of the forests of Croatia. One admires here many decorated turquoise lakes of cascades, like the lake Kozjak. Small runways wood enable you to pass from the one to the other and to insert you among pine forests and spruces.


Characterized by a crystalline sea and a wide selection of beaches, Croatia offers at the same time not very deep water and beaches for most rollers and of gravel, but sandy beaches are also found. Its vegetation mainly consists of conifers, but in certain parts of Istrie and Kvarner one can bathe in the shade of oaks.



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