Scotland will plunge you in its mysteries in the middle of the castles decimated in the mountains, at the edge of the lakes, or downtown full like the castle of Edinburgh which one says haunted. Visit also the palace of Holyrood, residence of the Queen Elizabeth at the time of her stay in Scotland. Escape in Highlands to cross sheep along the roads, drink glass in a Scottish pub by looking at a match of Rugby and return with part in tartan to the colors of your ancestors. A circuit in Scotland will allure you by his charm, its expatriation and its vast wide.


Just like its Irish neighbor, Scotland versifies in imaginary travellers with nice legends and phantoms. But if these ancestral traditions and these stories full with bounces undoubtedly contribute to attract in the country of very many visitors, these are also the superb landscapes and its wild nature which make them come increasingly many. To leave for this part of Great Britain, it is to go on a tour of romantic moors where the heather and the logs cover part of the landscape. One takes pleasure in walking in the middle of this still rough nature where the man does not seem to have of influence. But Scotland they are not only wild grounds like Highlands, they are also sumptuous cities with the rich heritage like Edinburgh or Glasgow, which testify to the agitated past and impassioning EC country which was never let completely make by its invaders.

One also appreciates with his right value the heat of the Scottish people, and his direction of incomparable hospitality. In front of a good beer or one surprising haggis, this famous paunch of famous ewe stuffed in the whole world, one learns how to know these inhabitants in the middle of gold and to discover the stories and legends of this country full with mysteries. One should not however be afraid of the bad weather when one takes over the leadership of this country of Europe. Indeed, the rain is a local specialty. But this disadvantage for some, is also what makes the charm of these always green and wet regions. Thus prepare your boots and your waxed to leave to the conquest the country William Wallace!

Culture & Traditions


The Scottish culture is populated since always phantoms and other monsters following the example of Born “Nessy” the famous monster of the Log, making all the charm of this country to the ancestral traditions. If you want to give you some frights, you will undoubtedly have the opportunity of hearing the history of such or such lords who haunt the walls of your room. Be however not frightened if you hear some noises of chains, the owners often like to have fun with the travellers.


High places of social life, the pubs Scot are convivial places or one likes to find oneself between friends around Whisky glass to listen to concerts or to look at matches. The town of Edinburgh only counts with it more than 700 pubs all equipped with a strong personality, with the image of their customers. Scotland in addition counts more a large number of distillings of Whisky in the world, offering a diversity of character and absolutely single flavour.


Captivating area with the rich history, Highlands are one of the favorite destinations of the travellers of the whole world, because of their stunning landscapes and their legends which do not cease impassioning crowd. It is on these grounds of Scotland that you will admire the most beautiful logs, and that you will discover the most wild nature. The cultural heritage is however quite present, with many historic buildings and other old battlefields which recall the great warlike hours of the country.



Originating in Highlands, the kilt was in the beginning, a side of fabric of 5 meters, not made. It went around the size, like the modern kilts, but the fabric remaining had passed on the shoulder then pinned. The upper part could be adjusted according to time, of the temperature or desired freedom of movement. Nowadays, the kilt is carried at the time of marriages, games or at the time of “ceilidhs” (balls Scot), by the dancers and the musicians.


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