A travel in Spain will transmit to you this clean love of life to Spanish under a quasi permanent sun. Visit Andalusia and its architecture with Cordoue, Grenade or Seville. Pass to Salamanque, city classified with the World heritage of UNESCO and fill with wonder in Tolède, city still very impressed medieval spirit. Spanish art is very present of Dali at Gaudi via Picasso. Do not forget to make a stay in Barcelona with its parks, its old workings and its festive spirit. A travel in Spain also passes by Madrid, its capital, with its many palaces and museums where Guernica de Picasso is in particular exposed. Do not hesitate to combine your travel with a balneal pause over the many beaches in which Spain abounds.


The tourist attraction of Spain east far from limiting itself to its sun, its beaches and its sweet life… If, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean of a side and the Mediterranean of the other, the Iberian peninsula indeed has sand extents which do not have anything to envy the Pacific Islands, it also abounds in a phenomenal cultural heritage which makes the envious ones. With step less than 44 sites registered with the World heritage of UNESCO (center of Cordoue, cathedral of Burgos, Alcazar…), Spain is a destination which makes dream more than one art lover, of culture and history. But the attractions of Spain are far from being limited to the imposing palaces and rich museums which mark out the territory. Between Andalusia and its Arab architecture, the fabulous Pyrenees and their landscapes or Madrid and Barcelona and their wild environment, the destination offers what to satisfy all the types of travellers.

You will be in all the cases quickly allured by the heat of the reception of the Spanishs, as by the summer temperatures which make this area of Europe one of the most appreciated visitors of the whole world. You will undoubtedly let yourselves invade by the charm of the many national parks or other medieval small villages which mark out Catalonia, Galicia or Castille. Or by the charming small islands which border its coasts, like the Balearic Islands. If the name of Ibiza ignites the imagination of largest the clubbers of planet, let us not forget that these territories are also of splendid places in charge with history and an impressive architectural heritage.

Culture & Traditions


Many are the cultural fields in which Spain illustrated itself with the wire of the centuries. Romanesque architecture, Moor, mudéjar, or Catalan Art Nouveau under the leadership of Gaudi. At the time of the Century of gold, Spain dominated the European scene with three major painters, Velasquez, Zurbaran and Murillo.


The heart of Spain, it is the festival and the dance, illustrated to perfection by flamenco, resulting from the culture of the gipsies of Andalusia. Filled up song of freedom and claim, it is associated with a violent and sad dance which fascine all spectators. There is difficult not to remain subjugated in front of a dancer of flamenco which undulates to the rhythm of guitars and of the castanets.


When Spanish cuisine is thought, it is typed them which comes in first to mind. But which does not know did famous paella, the gaspacho, or twist it? It also should be known that the center of red good wine Spain produced very to accompany all these plates. As regards desserts, you will leave yourselves can be to try by the natillas, these custards with the cinnamon or the lemon which will ravivront your palace.


Spain it is before all the sun, the beaches and the sweet life. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on a side and the Mediterranean of the other, the Iberian peninsula has a multiplicity of coasts following the example of Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa del Ground, or of charming small islands like the Balearic Islands and the Canaries.


10° WINTER / 25°- 30° SUMMER

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