A travel in Finland is a travel in the middle of the country of the Lappish ones, where extend as far as the eye can see from the cottony landscapes strewn with pine forests giants and cold lakes. Between aurorae boreales and herds of reindeers, the travel in Finland, more particularly in Lapland, resurrects the phantasm of exploration of the Far North. After having made stay with Helsinki, capital of the country and astonishing mixture between modernity and opening on Nature, you will be able to leave on a tour of the interior of the country. With the program, rackets, snowmobile, husky, sauna, fishing season with the hole, led on ice…


When one thinks of Finland, one immediately visualizes images of Far North, where the snow-covered forests and the frozen lakes recover the territory. The image is not completely erroneous. Indeed, from its proximity with the North pole, the winter remains Master in several regions of the country. But according to the season that you choose and the region which you visit, you will not see the same landscapes nor the same colors. Midnight sun in summer to the immaculate snow of the winter, you will indeed have the possibility of observing many climatic differences. Located north of Europe, Finland shares its borders in the east with Russia, and, is separated from Sweden in the west by the Gulf of Bothnia which opens in the south on the Baltic Sea. 

To leave for Finland, it is above all to answer the call of nature. Apart from the big cities like Helsinki, the country seems not to be worked by the hand of the man, and it is with amazement that you will leave in hiking, rackets or in snowmobile, to discover the reindeers walking with complete freedom in the most wild areas of the country, inviting you to serenity. Even the cities seem to be touched by the natural grace this single country. Indeed, they are established at the edge of the lakes or right in the middle of the forests, in the middle of absolutely magic frameworks. Modern and open about the world, Finland also knew to develop an enthralling cultural heritage that the visitors discover with the wire of the walks in each area of the country.

Culture & Traditions


National veritable institution, the sauna makes party integral of the daily life of the inhabitants who appreciate it for his hygienic role and of wellness. Convivial place, it is the occasion for the Finns to find themselves and discuss quietly.Most courageous finish their meeting by the avantouinti, ritual which consists in leaving the completely naked sauna, to prick a head in a lake with ice-cold water.


Covered on 10% with its territory by stretches of water abounding in fishes, Finland is the ideal country to fish. As nearly a third of the Finnish population, the fishing season is practised throughout the year, only the techniques of fishing season and the species of fish change from one season to another. Finnish water shelters approximately 60 fish species like poles, pikes, roaches where still pike perches.


Finland is the country with the 1000 lakes. Plunged in the middle of nature, you will relearn to appreciate this simplicity while leaving in search of fresh water seals. Between two walks in the canoe, you will be able to also discover the superb cities of the area, as the island-castle of Savonlinna which is one of the best examples. Not far, the town of Jyväskylä shelters one of the most important festivals of opera, as well as superb buildings designed by the architect Alvar Aalto. To slacken you, will know that the town of Kuopio, in edge of lake, shelters a very pleasant sauna with smoke.



True natural phenomenon, the aurorae boreales are visible in Finnish Lapland more or less 200 nights a year with condition however that the sky is sufficiently released. Urho Kekkonen National Park, and particularly the region of Ivalo with its covered with snow landscapes, offer spots of observation of any beauty. Igloos of glass were even installed there to admire these wells of light while remaining lengthened.




-10° WINTER / 20° SUMMER

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