At the time of your travel in Greece leave on the traces the one the most glorious civilisations than the Earth counted, but not only. A travel in Greece it is also a dive in the middle of one of the most charming countries of the Mediterranean basin. Between a stay in Athens, true museum with open sky, a travel in Crete, the island of the gods, or a cruising in the Greek islands, the country offers many possibilities to the travellers. Finally to travel to Greece, it is also and especially to let itself conquer by the hospitality of its inhabitants and flavours of their food.


Cradle of a civilisation which marked all the History of the world, Greece is still today a tourist destination appreciated both for its cultural heritage its magic landscapes. Mixture of European and Eastern cultures, this ground which saw being born the democracy at the 5th century before J. - C., has a single dimension which charms all its visitors. Temples of Athens to the turquoise sea of the islands of Cyclades, Greece offers an incomparable diversity and a heritage without precedent. Difficult not to succumb to the frescos of the palace of Knossos or the mysteries of the island of Santorin, when one impassions oneself for the art or the history of our world. A stay in Greece is also the occasion to benefit from the sweet life which reigns there, and the temperatures more than soft help to appreciate these arid, but imposing landscapes.

One should not hesitate to leave the paths beaten to discover Greece, authenticates it, that which will give you desire for remaining longer. Small villages of fishermen, or hiking trails in the middle of the olive-trees, the sites do not fail to learn how to know in-depth this country with the thousand secrecies. But Greece is not that a country museum, it is also an alive and animated ground where the occasions to have fun do not miss. Nightclubs, restaurants in seaside, bars open until the end of the night… Impossible not to be touched by this ambient fever.

Culture & Traditions


Antique art distringue by its monuments, its sculptures and its paintings, which occupy a choice place in the Greek heritage with the image of the Parthenon, the charioteer of Delphes or Victoire de Samothrace. For as much, Greek work of art is often badly understood. Admired today for the aesthetic pleasure that it gets, its function first was purely practical or religious.


The Greek kitchen, very appreciated, is one of the best examples of the Turkish influence in the country. Thus, famous dishes like the tzatziki, or the octopus with the olive oil and lemon, are directly adapted Turkish cuisine. In the Greek cuisine, the dish the most famous rest the moussaka. Even if they are not originating in the country, Eastern pastry makings like the baklavas or the kadaifis, are omnipresent in Greece, and constitute almost only softnesses of the country. 


Destination headlight of the tourists, the Greek islands offer mountainous beautiful landscapes and superb coasts, surrounded by charming villages and ruins of great ancient sites. Between beach and discovered, Cyclades, the Ionian islands or Saroniques to quote only they, did not finish dazzling you. 


Remains of an ancestral tradition, Karaghiozis are very appreciated in Greece. Shadow theatres in the Chinese beginning, imported in the country via Turkey, the history always tells that of poor Karaghiozis famished but very clever which revolves around a rich sultan. Even if this show belongs to the Greek culture deeply and delights small and large, few young people are formed with the handling of these figures in transparent calfskin.